Using the Shure SM7dB Microphone for your Production House


Having the proper equipment is crucial in the field of video production in order to have the best sound. The Shure SM7dB microphone is one of the gadgets that has skyrocketed in prominence in recent years. This microphone has established itself as a standard option for production companies all around the world because to its reputation for adaptability, toughness, and superior sound quality. This article will examine the Shure SM7dB microphone in-depth and analyze how it can be a great asset to your production house.

The SM7dB is only somewhat longer than the SM7b but has a similar design. The microphone now has a built-in audio preamp but still needs 48V phantom power to function. A switch to activate the preamp with either +18 dB or +28 dB of gain is located on the back of the microphone.

The Shure SM7dB Microphone’s Features

The Shure SM7dB is a legendary microphone in the making, not just any microphone. It has a position in music studios, radio stations, podcasting settings, and even home recording studios because of its excellent audio reproduction and flexible uses.

1. Excellent Audio Quality

The Shure SM7dB’s ability to create crystal-clear audio is one of its distinguishing qualities. This microphone’s outstanding sound quality captures every detail while recording vocals or musical instruments, making it a favorite among pros.

2. Internal Preamp

A preamp that is included inside the SM7dB is powered by 48V phantom power. The true-bypass switch allows the preamp to be tuned for +18, +28 dB, or completely deleted from the circuit.

3. The embodiment of versatility

The Shure SM7dB genuinely excels in versatility meaning it can succeed in a range of recording circumstances, from studio sessions to live performances, because of its versatility.

4. Dynamic Range

Because of the microphone’s remarkable dynamic range, even the most faint sounds are correctly reproduced, giving your recordings more depth and character.

5. Polar Cardioid Pattern

The SM7dB’s cardioid polar pattern makes sure that it picks up sound coming from in front of it directly while rejecting noise coming from the sides and back. For removing unpleasant background noise, this capability is extremely helpful.

6. Integrated Pop Filter

Put an end to those grating plosives because your recordings will be smooth and clear because of the efficient pop and breath noise reduction provided by the built-in pop filter.

7. An External Windscreen

It is a versatile option for all conditions since the exterior windshield offers extra protection against wind noise for outdoor recordings or situations with strong air currents.

8. Controls for the Bass Roll-off & Presence Boost

You can fine-tune your audio for various applications with the SM7dB’s bass roll-off & presence boost settings because having such a high degree of customization allows for the creation of any sound.

9. Shock Isolation

Vibrations can be common in recording situations so the shock isolation function of the Shure SM7dB reduces handling noise and vibrations, ensuring that your recordings are free from unwelcome interruptions.

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10. Robustness

The mic is a reliable workhorse that will continue to serve you dutifully for many years since it was designed to endure the demands of professional operation.

11. Cardioid Polar Pattern

Since off-axis audio is rejected by the traditional cardioid pickup pattern, you can sing or speak at a natural angle. Additionally, it isolates the signal source and records the sound with the least amount of coloring, which helps to minimize feedback problems.


For $499, the Shure SM7dB microphone is now on sale.

Tips for Maintaining the Shure SM7dB Microphone

1. Exterior Cleaning

Start by carefully wiping the outside of the mic with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using strong chemicals or abrasive materials since they can harm the microphone’s polish

2. Examining for physical harm

Check your mic often for any indications of physical harm, such as dents, scratches, or missing parts. Any problems should be take care of immediately.

3. Examining the XLR Connector

Look for any dirt or bent pins that might compromise communication in the XLR connector and make sure your audio interface or mixer is connected securely.

4. Pop Filter Upkeep

Check the pop filter for damage before you use it.

5. Phantom Power Safety Measures

Despite the SM7dB’s ability to withstand phantom power, use caution when operating it. To avoid damage, make sure the voltage on your audio interface or mixer is set appropriately.

6. Storage of the Microphone

When not in use, keep your mic in a case or bag for protection because this protects it from dirt and other mishaps.

7. Cable Care

Check your microphone cable frequently for fraying or other damage because your recordings can contain unwanted noise due to a faulty cable.

9. Environmental Points to Take

Keep your mic away from high or low humidity levels. To maintain its performance, keep the atmosphere steady.

10. Continual Performance Evaluations

To make sure your mic is operating at its best, test it periodically by paying attention to any odd noises or changes in audio quality.

11. Expert Maintenance

Consider having your microphone professionally serviced every few years, especially if you use it frequently because this can take care of internal problems and increase its lifespan.


The Shure SM7dB microphone is your dependable ally as you embark on your quest to produce flawless audio material. It is a popular choice for companies across the world because of its exceptional characteristics, toughness, and adaptability. You can improve your audio performance by including the SM7dB in your production house setup.

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