Unlocking The Gold Coast’s Mahi Mahi Bounty FAD Fishing Adventures

The sea is always filled with a variety of fish species to target for the fishing season, sports, or expeditions. However, there is one species that is unique to others due to its unique color, and that is Mahi Mahi. 

The yellow, green, and bluish fish is appealing to look at, hence the desire to trap it. Notably, the fun is in trapping them, watching them for a while as the colors fade, then releasing them back into the water. They are also one of the hardest fish to catch due to their migratory nature and agility.

With the right devices and the right location, you can catch some without much struggle. First, you need the bait and the best location at sea to trap them as they hunt other fish for food. However, the greatest device you need is the fish-attracting devices (FADs) to lure them to the bait and divert them from their main target. 

Therefore, if you plan an upcoming Mahi Mahi fishing venture, let’s explore how to catch them. 

Why Do You Need FADs?

Mahi Mahi are very agile and are amongst the fastest fish, making them difficult to trap and lure. Due to their agility, it can be easier for them to detect a live bait and get past it. You need fish attracting devices to lure them to the bait and catch them fast.

Therefore, for an incredible catch, you need the most effective Women fishing in Australia to trap them fast and make minimal catch daily. If you are fishing Mahi Mahi for sports, the FADs will be critical for success to catch more. Secondly, the Mahi Mahi fishing season is also shorter, lasting from late spring to late autumn; therefore, you need the best trapping devices to help you reach your seasonal fishing target. 

What if you want to fish during other seasons, like in the summer? At this time of the year, the population is limited; however, with the FAD, you can easily trap those hunting and passing by. Therefore, you can fish all year round, although the numbers are very low during winters when temperatures are lower than 180C.

Unlocking The Gold Coast's Mahi Mahi Bounty FAD Fishing Adventures

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How the FADs Work

FADs are ideal for creating a hotspot for the target fish, luring them to the bait. Instead of going around the sea and trying to spot the fish, use the FADs to attract the fish to your location, including the migratory species like Mahi. 

With or without Mahi Mahi fishing experience, they can help you attract different species you need. You also need to be careful about the fish lured since the artificial structures can lure different species to the bait. Therefore, you can observe from afar the type of fish headed for the bait.

Mahi Mahi are unique and are easy to spot from afar as they approach the bait. They also tend to fly up in the air; hence, you can know when the hotspot has served its purpose, and then you can proceed to lay the bait and enjoy fishing. 

Unlocking The Gold Coast's Mahi Mahi Bounty FAD Fishing Adventures

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Where to Use FADs

Mahi Mahi does not swim closer to the shores; you must get into the deep sea. With the help of a guide, you can target some of the common spots and then use the FAD. FADs can only work when you are closer to their main habitat or closer to the passing ones. Otherwise, you can spend the whole day without sporting anything. 

The fish are also migratory, i.e., they keep moving while hunting for other fish; hence, you should be able to target other fish to trap them. Whenever you spot one, the rest are closer; hence, you can use the bait to draw them closer to you.

Hunting for the Mahi Mahi, even with the right FAD, is still a challenge, especially for amateurs. If you have experience on where to get them, the FAD can be helpful in attracting and trapping many. Since it attracts other species, it is also ideal for catching other migratory species like tuna and cobia, hence a must-have fishing gear.

Setting Up The FAD for a Maximum Catch

FAD will be effective for trapping and attracting the Mahi Mahi; however, with the wrong setup, you can end up empty-handed. Therefore, before going into the sea, ensure you learn how to set up the whole structure for a big catch. 

Set the FAD according to the current to disseminate the right signals, hence attracting the fish to your location. The boat should be stationary to avoid sending mixed signals. Keep the motor or the engine on to boost the current and FAD effectiveness. Locate the live bait loser to the FAD to divert the fish to the bait instead of the FAD. Once they eat the bait, you can proceed to pull them out of the water. 

Unlocking The Gold Coast's Mahi Mahi Bounty FAD Fishing Adventures

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How Much Fish Can You Trap 

Every fisherman understands the need to fish responsibly to preserve the ocean ecosystems and aquatic life. Therefore, follow the fishing guidelines to only fish what you need. Mahi Mahi are fewer than other fish in the ocean; hence, you should not trap more; instead, you can catch and release. 

If you need to take some home, one or two should be enough. Since the FAD can attract a large shoal, you can also catch other breeds to avoid targeting only the Mahi Mahi. 


With the FAD, some skills, and the right spot, you should catch some Mahi Mahi as possible. Once you set the FAD accordingly and the bait alongside it, you can patiently watch as the fish approaches the bait. Despite being effective in attracting more fish, you should refrain from overfishing to preserve the sea ecosystem. 

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