Top Social Media Management Tools To Grow Your Online Presence

The growth of social media has become unstoppable and to be technophile and to compete in a technically competent world – It is “Must” for every small to big businesses to learn some of the fundamental tactics of social media to engage with the potential and existing customers in a more exciting manner.

Social media often becomes overwhelming for individuals who are not aware of social media management tools. If you want to become an industry leader by having strong social media presence on all sites from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram then consider hiring a firm who will be responsible to perform all functions from creating and publishing content to reporting and running the successful social media campaigns. Apart from the agencies, you can learn the basic tools to make social media game fiercer.

The question that haunts most of the small-sized business is “ How brands stay top of their social media tasks”? The reality is these top brands hire the top-notch social media team that does everything from running a successful Facebook campaign to assist you to buy Instagram followers Australia. Some of the effective strategies coupled with top social media tools increase brand awareness and ultimately sales and leads of the company.

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Top Social Media Management Tools To Grow Your Online Presence

Top Social Media Management Tools


Buffer is one of the most reliable and streamlined tools that most of the social media marketers and influencers utilize to schedule and manage social media posts. The tool is free yet you can get the paid versions for the better facilities – the packages may vary but you can get the 14 days free trial as well. Buffer offers you to customize the post and to share the content at the best possible time to get more engagements. It enables you to track links to find out which posts get the best traction.

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Hootsuite goes equally well for the user who handles multiple accounts or SMM companies that has to handle hundreds of social accounts every day. You can easily add accounts and schedule posts on all major platforms. It aids you in quickly understanding what people say about your brand and how you can quickly respond to them. Some of the best benefits of HootSuite include an easy view of analytics data, scheduling posts in advance, and monitoring various social media streams in one platform.

HootSuite Social Media Management Tools To Grow

What if you don’t have the budget for Hootsuite? Don’t worry, here’s a list of the best Hootsuite alternatives that will help take your social media marketing to new heights!

Take the stress out of social media with professional social media management services.


Almost every social media management tool helps you to schedule and publish data, but Hubspot apart of facilitating in scheduling the posts provides you with informational reporting data meaning you can see the posts or products which are getting maximum engagement. It helps you to beep up your existing strategy and create something that can bring about more brand awareness or sales to the brand.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics undoubtedly comes with the best analytic program, it helps to improve the website content improves conversion and user experience. The information it gives regarding online campaigns that bring the best and most satisfying result. Moreover, it gives a complete insight of where are visitors located, what people mostly search for on our website and clear visualization of what people click the most and also highlight our worst performing pages.

Google analytics Social Media Management Tools To Grow


Meet Edgar does one fantastic job that to re-share the ever-green or best content on timely manners. This feature makes MeetEdgar the most favorite social media management platform. The tool also performs the remaining tasks that majority of the competing social tools do like scheduling, monitoring, reporting, etc but the feature of re-sharing makes it the best for SEO and boosting traffic automatically.


IFTTT or If, This, Then, That is the most admired automation tool that saves time we spend on the social media channels, websites, and apps. It works interestingly like “ Trigger an Action” e.g. if you publish a press release or blog to the website it automatically creates a tweet. Indeed, a time-saver, because you won’t have to separately update the social network.

IFTTT Social Media Management Tools To Grow

Sprout Social:

Sprout social is another fantastic social media management tool, that gives the client thorough information about social media mentions, enables you to engage effectively with the brand advocates, schedule content and report to prepare the more diverse and best social media strategies.

Content Calander:

Creating a content calendar does not mean you will require a heavy software, rather you can prepare it Microsoft word or google docs and plan content for the whole month to get the best advantages. If you are on holidays, or away for the business, you can utilize this tool to update the content timely and effectively. Having a content calendar is a vital part of any effective social media strategy.


Raven is another social media tool to make your social media game way more fierce. Individual reports for the individual is always best in terms of providing you more comprehensive and understandable data. Raven is liked by the majority of the marketers as it provides the report gathering information from search engine optimization, social media channels, and PPC. It also aids you in accessing the data and scheduling and monitoring posts from the wide variety of digital channels.


If getting most of the sales from Instagram then believe us Iconosquare is the perfect pick for you. The best part is it keeps rolling out with the best features that help you to be more successful in the long run. The in-depth analytics will enable you to improve the current strategy to generate maximum sales out of the ever-green social platform “Instagram”.

Iconosquare Social Media Management Tools To Grow


TweetDeck is an old yet excellent tool to foster business growth and increase brand awareness. The tool is economical and you don’t have to invest any of your hard earned money. You may get the top features with the free plan. The multi-colored layout makes it more convenient to handle different conversation like a pro. TwitterDeck is more effective for the twitter – a best social platform and the majority of the businesses get a good customer base through it.

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