Top Crypto Startup Trading Tips to Profit from Crypto Markets in 2024

Want to level up your Crypto Startup Investment strategies? Or maybe are you wondering if this is the time to enter into the markets for day trading. If you are a crypto trading enthusiast who feels lost in the complex crypto trading world and uncertain markets, here we will take away any confusion.

The Crypto trading world might seem foreign and complex in the beginning. Still, after understanding the various crypto investment strategies and the tools at hand, it’s not that hard after all. 

Here, I’ll set out to discover top crypto startup trading tips that you can learn and apply to your trading instantly on Multi HODL and beyond. And also, I’ve got a bonus for you! Ensure to read through all parts of the blog. I’ve listed an amazing passive revenue-generating source for you to integrate with any trading strategy you desire.


Scalping can be the best Crypto investment tip that you’ve adopted in your lifetime when executed appropriately. Scalping is all about making small trades with minimal time duration while taking in small profits.

The time duration has to be small, less than an hour at maximum ideally. Volume – The biggest asset for scalpers; The number of trades is more crucial than the profit in one transaction. Scalpers will never strive for big profits and can’t feasible to wait for the market to reverse to reduce losses.

On Multi-HODL, you are free to open up a multitude of positions at the same time for as short or as long as you want. These strategies should never be done during uncertain times, and the best market for scalpers is a quiet market with limited fluctuation.

Momentum Trading

Momentum Trading – Another simplest Crypto Trading strategies in the list that is all about understanding the momentum of the market or the coin and riding the wave. Also, this is considered one of the most high-risk and most ambitious strategies to master as predictions can go both ways.

The major aspect of this strategy is Volume. The momentum is determined by the volumes that the trend is generating. Traders ride the wave till the moment the volumes remain above a certain level and then exit. The hard part is to judge the right moment to exit and research the volumes according to the various crypto bot trading indicators.

Reverse Trading

This is considered as another trading strategy for cryptocurrency and it is founded on the reversal of general trends in the crypto world. To understand this strategy in a detailed version, it is all about finding the exact moment when the trend is about to be reversed.

If the crypto coin has been some time in bull mode, reverse traders will look at when it will reverse the trend and bank on it. Another interesting version of this trading is trading by forecasting the day’s high and low prices and making money with the prediction. The risk included in this reverse strategy is the general risk of creating the wrong prediction of timing the reversal.

Fade Trading

Fading – Another amazing trading strategy of betting against the trend in the crypto marketplace. Also, it is one of the riskiest strategy in crypto trading as when you make a wrong prediction it can result in huge losses.

Conflicting to that, Developing the right move will result in high profits, and this crypto investment strategies is about betting on a few trades to make important profits. The best time to execute this strategy is when there is an ample amount of volatility in the market.

Range Trading

This type of trading is heavily dependent on the conceptualization of support and resistance that is utilized in stocks and forex trading. The first thing to find out to master this strategy is candlesticks charts. These charts have been used for decades to make models of support and resistance, that is essentially two price ranges that is predictions of the volatility of the cryptocurrency in the range.

You are supposed to buy the Cryptocurrency at the support levels and sell it when it nears the resistance levels. The idea behind the strategies is that the cost of cryptocurrency will remain in the range and if it enhances beyond a certain level it will be examined as breaking the limitations that occur less frequently and is the only risk included in this crypto trading strategies.

So, it is the greatest strategy for beginners. Many people trade based on these price targets, which makes reverse trading even more predictable. Of course, a crypto price may break via previous support or resistance levels. 

High Frequency Trading (HFT)

High Frequency Trading or Algorithmic Trading is a most complicated strategy in this list, but also it is the most lucrative profit for many investors across the world. This trading is all about automating all the steps of strategy and automating your crypto investment strategies without having to do it manually.

HFT makes an ample amount of trades in seconds, and most High Frequency Trading consists of developing trades in a few milliseconds. Now, that is not possible by humans, and you can develop your own rules that will be executed on auto-pilot.

It includes a vast amount of backtesting and repeating small trades after raking in lesser profits and leverage on trade volumes. It is crucial to know that it is not easy to find a profitable crypto trading algorithm that you can utilize. That’s why so many Crypto traders choose to utilize Multi HODL. It has all the wonderful, automated benefits of algorithmic trading, but with more hands on, user-friendly experience to assist one profit from market unpredictability.

Golden or Death Cross Trading

The Golden and Death Cross trading is quite an exhilarating Cryptocurrency trading strategies, and you have to realize that both these terms to execute it properly. This cross strategy is basically determined as the time when the short-term average of certain crypto crosses the long-term average. 

  • Short Term Average is defined as 50 Days Average
  • Long Term Average is defined as 200-day Average

By Validating the occurrence of these trends is done by exploring the transform in the trading volume. Some investors also use other types of crypto trading bot strategies and indicators such as RSI and MACD. But volume is examined as one of the best indicators.

Arbitrage Trading

This trading is a strategy that includes taking advantage of price discrepancies between various markets or exchanges. In the case of cryptocurrency, investors can exploit price differences between various crypto exchanges to make a profit. This Crypto investment tip needs significant analysis and monitoring of various markets to find opportunities. Moreover, it can be a very lucrative strategy if executed correctly.

Breakout Strategy

This strategy is another kind of methodology that is used in the crypto arena that includes identifying assets that have broken out trade range or pattern and then entering into the trades based on the expectation that price will continue to move in the direction of the breakout. It requires important technical analysis and monitor the situation of the market by the trader.

Bonus Point – Crypto Trading Strategies without any hassle

Now it’s time to talk about the Bonus point. I’m sure about there are many instances when you have spare money and seek profitable investment preferences. Being in the crypto world for so long has given me the privilege to get to know about unique trading opportunities, and this is one such example.

Summing Up

Cryptocurrencies have sparked a crucial debate around the world. On one side, Crypto Enthusiasts such as Bill Gates, AI Gore, and Richard Branson believe they provide superior benefits over traditional currencies

The Future of Crypto will likely witness a clash between regulation and anonymity. Authenticators are keen on regulating cryptocurrencies to curb their usage in illegal activities, including terrorism. Moreover, a core tenet of crypto is to assure user anonymity, by developing a major conflict.

Futurists of the Crypto world forecast that in 2030, Cryptocurrencies could make up 25% of national currencies, which indicates a shift in globalized trust towards these digital assets. Despite their volatile nature, which has been crucial price volatility, crypto is expected to gain broader acceptance among businesses and users alike.

If you are new to the Crypto universe and desire to exploit this most promising field, Maticz can assist you. Their proficient team specializes in crypto exchange script and software solutions and is ready to provide top-notch solutions to assist you in succeeding in this dynamic field.

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