Top 7 Interior Design Trends in 2022

Interior design trends have been used for aesthetic purposes for centuries. However, they are oftentimes used to help us find some inner peace as well. Many studies show that our homes are directly linked with our moods, overall well-being, and even health. Therefore, it is no wonder that this year, the third consecutive year of a global pandemic, the top interior design trends are further focused on our emotional sense of comfort.

On the other hand, some design choices of the past several years, such as white minimalism and Boucle’s moment of fame, will be forgotten because they don’t provide enough visual comfort. Besides, interior designs that include more traditional looks, wallpapers, fluting, and many other popular trends of the recent years will no longer be prevalent.

World-famous designers predict more vintage furnishings, curved shapes, textures, and nature-inspired interiors for 2022.

We present you with some interior design trends that will mark 2022.

Nature-inspired interior

Go further with your home design and bring authentic greenery into your home. Plants will not only purify the air in your rooms but complement warm brown colours and natural woods. In addition, seeing your flowers grow will bring joy and a sense of fulfilment. The best greenery for your interior design in 2022 includes plants like the snake plant, monstera, palm, fiddle leaf fig tree, and sweetheart plant.

Nature Interior Design Trends

Pastel shades

Pale pastel shades offer a touch of quiet elegance and unique beauty and provide flexibility for use throughout the space. That is because pale colours are a powerful way to create a calming atmosphere in your home. For example, the lily rose is a playful and romantic colour that provides depth with a hint of allure and style. That lovely colour will create a real sanctuary in your home. Moreover, neutral tones contribute to your home being an uncluttered, inviting space with a sense of peace. In addition, all shades of green are also trendy and considered a new neutral tone.

Curved lines

The past few years in interior design were dominated by patterns, furniture, and architecture with geometric and angular shapes. However, this year, all that is replaced by wavier, softer lines. Namely, on Pinterest, a significant interest in curved walls and living room couches was noticed last year. Therefore, in many shops, you can see arcs, soft lines, and curves in their latest furniture collections. According to famous world interior designers, all that reflects our collective need for comfort after a stressful couple of years.

Decorative vases and vessels

Decoration details reflect the homeowner’s taste and sense of sophistication. The finishing touches are a crucial part of interior design. Therefore, in 2022, the so-called “Insta-shelfie movement” with do-it-yourself abstract pieces of decor will be replaced with delicate pastel ceramic vases and vessels. Some of those, such as incredibly charming large floor vases, will give your interior a touch of luxury cosiness. 


Earthy textures

Next, you can expect 2022 to see more tactile materials such as leather, wood, bronze, and plaster. Many architects and interior designers say that, this year, we can see a lot of earthier finishes like clay, lime washes, and plaster. They further claim that there will also be experimentations with textures like grainy stucco, rougher clay, and raked plaster. According to them, those materials are durable, which is why they have been used for interior finishes. But nowadays, they are used outdoors too, even on custom furniture.

Multifunctional spaces

Single-use spaces apparently are a thing of the past. Regarding architectural aspirations and design, we can expect completely new trends. Namely, in 2022, multifunctional rooms will replace those with a single use. There are plenty of possibilities within any room. Many people often, for instance, forget about the vertical space that rooms offer. In addition, ladders, platforms, and shelving can be used in various ways and even function as room dividers.

spaces Interior Design Trends

Glass lighting

This year, pendant lighting will take an entirely new direction with designs that test function, individuality, and form. As manufacturers are able to create a variety of textures and colours, glass lighting is nowadays becoming more experimental. From bubble-like spheres to ridged designs, the glass will be used to make show-stopping centrepieces in every space.

That was our list of the top seven interior design trends in 2022. You can apply them in your home or stick to your style.

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