Top 7 Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server in The USA

There are different tiers of servers available that may be used to host a website. Each of the server types comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Of the many types of servers available, dedicated servers are the most premium solution to all kinds of web hosting solutions. The name is self-explanatory- dedicated servers are a kind of server that is entirely dedicated to catering to all your needs. 

 When you are using a dedicated server in USA, you own all parts of the server. Starting from the hardware elements that are essential to host the website to the software applications which form the foundation of the website, you are the sole owner of each and every component. You have to buy the dedicated hardware to run the website and you have to craft and modify the relevant software applications. There are managed and unmanaged types of dedicated servers- managed servers come with a team of professional experts who will take care of all the necessary arrangements to create and run your site. Unmanaged servers are the ones wherein you are solely responsible for procuring, creating, modifying, and running the website. Dedicated servers are some of the best ways to go online with your business and they come with a plethora of advantages. 

Dedicated server

List of 7 Benefits of Dedicated Server in USA

#1 Your Resources Are Your Own

In the case of other kinds of servers such as shared server or VPS, you do not own the hardware. A single hardware unit is segmented and used by several users and thus the resources get distributed among these users. Whoever pays for a particular segment of resources, gets to use those resources. However, that is not the case with a dedicated server. Since you own the hardware setup, you own all the resources that are running your website. There is no other user who may be tapping into your share of resources and using it up.

#2 Be Your Own Administrator

Neither shared servers nor VPS is allowed administrative access to the servers. It is true that in the case of VPS, the control is significantly more than that of a shared server, but the user still does not get any access to the original hardware setup on which the server is running. There is no such problem with a dedicated server. Since you are the owner of the server, you automatically have root access to your system. Root access is the basic-most level of access into a server and thus you are allowed to configure your system in any way you deem fit once you have root access. You can install any program you wish directly into the server, you can monitor the use of resources by the server, you can easily locate different kinds of threats, and do much more with such kind of access.

#3 Unique IP Address

A major problem with a shared server is that the is depended on a single hardware unit that is not segmented in any way. This means that all the users who are tapped into this hardware unit are using the same IP address. This is quite a problematic situation because if any of the URLs under the IP address face any problem or are blacklisted, it will affect all other URLs under the IP address.  

With a dedicated server, this problem will never be faced by you. Since you are the owner of your hardware setup, you own the IP address too. This is a unique IP address crafted for your use and you can create any number of sites under it to suit all your needs.

#4 More Uptime, Less Downtime

More Uptime, Less Downtime servers

When the hardware is going routine maintenance, it is shut down and thus your site is also shut down. In the case of a shared server, you never know when this is going to happen. This is turns brings the decision of downtime in your hands. Thus you can select when your website goes down and reduce downtime by a considerable amount.

#5 High-End Security Options

A dedicated server can be thought of as an island that is cut off from the rest of the world. This is a great feature to enhance security as there is nobody else on your server. You also have the option to configure your software applications in any way you want as many times as you want. Such a fluid software base makes it immensely difficult for different viruses and potential hackers to attack your website. You can enhance and modify the security options every day to make your website one of the most secure sites.

#6 Configure Hardware to Meet Your Needs

The hardware resources that you are using now may not be enough to hold your website up as the traffic load increases over time. You may also increase the number of sites run through your server with time and that may need more resources. Adding more resources or scalability is very difficult with a shared network and moderately difficult with VPS. However, dedicated servers are very easy to scale up as well as scale down depending upon your needs.

#7 Reliability

Dedicated servers are some of the most reliable options that you can ever choose. Since you own the server, you have complete control over all the data stored in this server. You can easily back up this data such that if anything ever goes wrong, you can easily upload it and start from where you were let off. The essence of reliability and trust comes through all the other magnificent advantages that you can have when using a dedicated server.


Dedicated servers are indeed premium solutions to all your hosting problems. The most significant downside of using a dedicated server is that they cost a lot and cannot be easily afforded by small businesses or entrepreneurs. However, business giants should not go for any other option other than a dedicated server. They have the resources to maintain the server and their website is likely to attract a huge load as well as handle huge amounts of data. The security of a dedicated server is a must for such organizations. 

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