Top 5 Reasons Link Building Is Vital for Your Website’s SEO

Listen, link building is difficult. We understand if you’ve struggled to get this crucial SEO tactic down pat. 

But if you want to have your brand’s website front-and-center on every search, you need to link build. 

We’re here to tell you why. 

Quick Recap: What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of collecting hyperlinks from other websites back to your own, otherwise known as backlinks. 

In addition, you should also have outbound or authoritative links on your website that directs to others. 

There used to be more pressure on link quantity, but now it’s all about quality, so keep that in mind moving forward. 

Here are the top five reasons why you need to focus on your link building efforts:

1. Increases Your Search Rankings

To summarize Jake from Thunder Road Digital: if you’re not on the first search page, no one will find you.

Search engines, like Google, each have an algorithm that indexes your website. In short, an AI decides if your site belongs on the first page or not, depending on your content. 

Link building is one of the top criteria for ranking first, as it helps cement domain authority among your audience. 

For the same reason, 71% of search traffic comes from Google’s first page: the first page represents credibility among your niche market. 

2. Drives Traffic and Attracts New Visitors

With link-building efforts, you’re exposing new audiences to your business. When your brand gets a mention in blogs, social media posts, online articles, you’re upping chances of referral traffic.

This referral traffic makes it easier when creating industry connections, which brings us to our next point!

3. Fosters Industry Connections

Create genuine connections with brands, businesses, and even influencers in your niche. 

These connections offer an exchange of visitors. You’re looking at increased exposure, new customers, and steady growth because you’re establishing an expansive backlink profile and a mutually beneficial relationship. 

You can even offer to create connection-relevant content, which they could share on their page and link back to you. 

4. Gives Your Company Authority

Curating a backlink profile can have a tremendous impact on your SEO efforts and potential customer base.

With customers, 81% say trust impacts purchasing decisions

When high-authority websites link back to your brand, you’re automatically signaling your reliability to consumers and search engines. 

Customers have found you from a trusted source, and search engine algorithms start seeing you as a valid source with valuable information — ultimately tagging you as genuinely helpful to users. 

This cross-platform traffic solidifies the authority of your website and works to improve your rankings. 

5. Boosts Brand Awareness

The more exposure you have, the better. 

Traditional advertising is great, but this can come with a lofty price tag and poor ROI for small business owners. 

Link-building tactics allow you to secure necessary brand exposure through community building. 

It’s a favorite among marketers for the tangible way you can measure its effectiveness and ROI. With this tactic, you’re able to monitor your campaign by analyzing referrals and tracking custom URLs or codes. That data helps you determine where you should focus your link-building efforts so that you can maximize your reach.  

Final Thoughts

Link building is essential for the success of your brand’s website, helping you with search engine optimization and solidifying you as a knowledgeable, trusted source. It remains one of the top ranking factors, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. 

If you’re struggling to link build alone, then reach out to a professional to help your SEO efforts. 

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