Top 5 Islamic Apps for Your Kids

Technology is a blessing when you use it correctly. It has affected every niche of our lives, and thus it’s not surprising that you can choose technology to get closer to God as well. 

Mobile applications are very common these days; from finding cabs to buying groceries, there are apps for everything, so why not for religious affairs? There are many Islamic apps that let Muslims connect with Allah and carry out their religious duties anywhere and anytime.

Most Muslim parents, especially those living in the foreign are concerned about the Islamic teachings and guidance of their children.  Again thanks to technology, the issue has also been resolved by the creativity of tech companies. 

If you are one such curious Muslim parent, this article highlights the top 5 Islamic apps for Muslim kids. These Islamic apps contain Arabic haroof, prayers, and Islamic facts that are delivered to your child right away from a young age. 

The best thing is that these apps are available on both Android and iPhone. Let us discuss one by one:

1. Noorani Qaida

Ratings: 4.7 | Users: 5656 | Availability: Android and iPhone

The topmost advantageous Islamic app for your kids, in our opinion, is the Noorani Qaida. 

When learning about Islam, the initial step is to make your child learn the Quran, and this is what the Noorani Qaida does. It helps your child in learning the Quran, just as we did in mosques and homes in our childhood. 

Main Features: 

This app became popular in the Muslim community from the first day of its launch because of two major reasons:

  • Firstly, it is easy to use and, 
  • Secondly, it keeps the children engaged. Just tap on the word, and your child will learn how to pronounce the Arabic word. You can press the alphabet button, again and again, to hear the pronunciation repeatedly, which helps the child learn it faster. 

Its simple yet appealing layout and design keep children hooked. Parents are finding it useful since it is free of cost and has the perfect Arabic pronunciation. However, the ads in the apps are off-putting, and many users find them disrespectful while teaching their kids the Quran. 

2. 10 Surahs for Kids Word by Word

Ratings: 4.3/ Users: 43 / Availability: Android and iPhone

It is a great app to teach your kids 10 Surahs from the Quran. With this app, you get a word-by-word recitation of the Surahs, so your kids can pick up the words easily. It also has a reward counter to reward your kids once they complete the recitation. 

Main Features:

For easy learning, this app is built with the following features; 

  • It consists of the last 10 Surahs from the Quran that are presented colorfully to attract children and make them motivated to learn and memorize the Quran.
  •  It allows your child to learn word by word. You can call it a Quran tutor.  
  • The unique thing about this Islamic app is that it rewards children with prizes after the completion of each Surah. This concept is used to make the kid’s learner faster.

3. Step By Step Salah

Ratings: 4.5/ Users: 15,097/ Availability: Android only

Salah (prayer) is one of the pillars of Islam. Offering prayers at the set prayer timings is compulsory upon every Muslim once they reach adulthood. This app is a great way to teach kids the correct way of offering Salah with these easy-to-understand steps. 

Main Features:

 The “Step by step Salah” android app offers your kids the following with its amazing features:

  • The meaning or importance of prayer along each step, which begins from performing Wadu to Sajjud.  
  • This Islamic app for young kids holds an important place on the list that cannot be beaten, as it teaches your child the actual purpose of praying and how to perform the prayer in the right way. 
  • At every step, the app recites the prayer. The speed of recitation is slow, which makes it easy for kids to follow. 
  • Through animations, the app shows the posture one must assume at every step of Salah. 

4. LilMuslims

Ratings:4.4/ Users: 1790/ Availability: Android only 

Another exciting android Islamic app for your little scholar is the LilMuslims.  

Main Features:

It comes with these built-in features: 

  • It is designed to let your child start learning the Arabic or Quran letters through easy ways such as MP3 audios and audiovisual learning. 
  • It also features puzzles and quizzes that help your child in learning. 
  • It teaches the child the correct pronunciation of each Harf in Arabic. The Arabic language is based on Tajweed, and for learning Tajweed, this app is the best for the little Muslim scholars.  
  • The app provides answers for different kinds of issues in the light of the Divine Book. 

For learning the roof and getting answers on issues, this Islamic app cannot be beaten. 

5. Daily Duas for Kids

Ratings: 4.5/Users: 1577/ Availability: Android and iPhone

Last but not least, the app “Daily dua for kids” is another must-have app for teaching your little Muslim scholar about daily duas.  

Main Features:

What you will love about this app is:

  • It contains a wide variety of everyday duas, including duas for waking up, sleeping, travel, and eating food, etc. 
  • It contains cute characters that excite the child to watch, and they get interested in following and learning Arabic supplications. 

This app is one of the favorite apps of many Muslim parents across the globe, as kids have learned more from it. 

Final Thoughts

Life is busy and parents are more occupied with work and chores. However, the spiritual education of children cannot be ignored. It is important to teach your children about Islam, how to pray, and daily duas. 

If you are confused about which Islamic app to choose for your child to help them learn about Islam and the Quran, try the aforementioned 5 Islamic apps that are specially designed for Android and iPhone. 

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