Top 10 Trends to Improve Your Logo Design Skills in 2021

The study was conducted by analyzing more than 35 thousand logos uploaded to the service last year. The period of the pandemic has been full of changes in many industries, and design is no exception. Studios were forced to work remotely, the freelance market grew, promotion on the Internet became a priority for brands, and printing faded into the background.

It is all the more interesting to observe visual solutions developed in times of crisis. Many changes in our life will remain relevant after the pandemic – we can assume that design will develop in the given directions. Here are 10 modern logo design trends to help you improve your design skills.

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This is the name of the asterisk in typography: it is needed to create notes in the text or to hide characters when entering passwords. The asterisk is already used in their logos by the FedEx transport company and the well-known American supermarket chain Walmart. According to LogoLounge’s predictions, we will see many more asterisk designs in the near future. A symbol can be interpreted quite broadly: as a star, sun, flower, a sign of an idea, or – in a literal sense – as a typographic sign.

“Tape effect”

This is what LogoLounge called the next trend. This is the use of thick lines of the same width without fillets – only straight lines intersecting at different angles. The style is suitable for both lettering and brand names – including detailed ones.

 Improve Your Logo Design Skills

Illusion of depth

When translucent shapes are stacked on top of each other, there is a sense of depth of space – this mesmerizing effect was often used by designers in the past year. In particular, the blending effect was combined with gradient fill and mirror symmetry.

Quartered square

The square is a simple stable figure. It is often chosen by designers for the basis of logos. The division of this figure into structural elements – smaller squares – makes the sign even more understandable, logical, and ordered.

Voids between elements

The language of pictograms is becoming more and more familiar to the audience – for example, emojis that have entered our lives are pushing for this. A feature of the new trend in logos is the creation of recognizable images from simple shapes that are separated from each other by empty space. The right balance between shapes and backgrounds makes pictures attractive, and in the geometric shapes that form the pictograms, we can easily guess familiar objects.


Lines formed by multidirectional semicircles look unusual. In addition to pure abstraction, they can depict objects and phenomena of nature – for example, water or smoke.

Variable fonts

Some typefaces allow an infinite variety of styles: bold and light, straight and oblique, serif and sans serif. And all these variations are compatible with each other – so that different styles, for example, can be used for each letter of the word in the logo. This technique is suitable to visualize variety or change.

Gradient inside the ring

The circle symbolizes infinity, cyclicality, unification – you can pick up many associations. Smooth color changes inside the circle enrich the image: it can be a change from warm shades to cold, dark to light or pale to bright. Colors can change along the circumference or from the center to the edges – all of which have different effects.

Inverted forms

Imagine a straight, twisted tape showing the front and back sides. Graphic representation of this shape is another trend in logo design. The symbol can be interpreted as a change in spite of which the movement continues in the original direction.

Nostalgia for engravings

People did the prints for the first logos by hand. Technology has changed now, but the old aesthetic still inspires designers. Images imitating engraving can be simple or detailed, but they are always recognizable.


It is important to understand that trends are useful for learning about the current situation, but not as a guide to action and improvement. To create a good and durable logo, you first need a strong idea based on the company’s strategy. And just a beautiful and fashionable logo without a corporate identity system is ineffective. So watch the trends and do it your own way, practice improving your performance, awareness and skills!

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