This Secret Durian Cake Recipe Just Leaked Out!

Things kept secret don’t remain in the dark forever. The cat always finds a way out of the bag. The same is the case for this durian cake recipe which has been kept a secret within the circus of top bakers. While almost every durian lover has munched on a durian cake in various settings and events, enjoyed the subtlety of its moist and dense feel in the mouth,  and loved how both the low butter content and low the sugar content of it make the durian taste shine through, deep down we all still want to lay our hands on the durian cake recipe so we get to make it and eat it whenever and wherever the cravings catch us. Right? Through the next few minutes, I will show you how to make a durian cake like a pro. Otherwise, if you’d rather let a top baker do it for you, then check this out if you want a durian cake.

Warnings First…

Before getting into it, be aware now that durian cakes are the most likely to have holes. If you’re yet to make a perfect regular cake without having holes in it, you may want to save making durian cake for after you’ve achieved that mastery. Positive? Now, let’s dive right into the bakery with…

The Ingredients For Making Durian Cake

  • 60ml or 1/4cup of full cream milk at room temperature
  • 150gram or 1-1/4cups of sifted all-purpose/plain flour
  • 3gram or 3/4teaspoon of sifted baking powder
  • 150g or 3/4cup of granulated white sugar
  • 2pieces of 55grams eggs
  • 175grams or 3/4cup of unsalted butter that is softened at room temperature
  • 150grams of mashed or pureed durian at room temperature
  • 1.4grams or 1/4teaspoon of table salt
  • 1.25ml or 1/4teaspoon of vanilla extract or preferably 2.5ml of vanilla essence
  • Extra durian flesh for spreading

Now that we have all the needed ingredients in place, let’s start baking.

The Step By Step Baking Process

  • First off, line your regular 8 ✕ 8inches baking tray with enough parchment paper
  • Have your oven set to 160degree Celsius and preheat it
  • To make it loosen up, beat your unsalted butter for some minutes
  • Mix your sugar to the butter and cream both together to make the combo fluffy and light
  • Add your two eggs to the above mixture one by one as you mix gently (mix for more than 3 minutes at this stage if you can)
  • Introduce your mashed or pureed durian to the mixture
  • Pour in both your salt and vanilla extract as you continue mixing
  • Introduce your milk to the mixture as you keep mixing
  • Bring out a new bowl and pour in your baking powder and flour for mixing
  • Now, gently introduce your mixture of flour and baking powder into the previous bowl of batter
  • You have everything in one place right now, right? Pour it all into your lined pan gently
  • Hit the pan gently on your countertop to remove the hidden air bubbles that might cause holes to form on your final result
  • Place it all in the oven and bake for up to 48minutes
  • Finally, after baking, let it cool at room temperature before serving!

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