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The Importance Of Organization

Importance Of Organization

The ambiguity of the word “organization” might still put you in the dark regarding the focus of this article. While the word might appear to some people in the business context as a group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules, it might mean to give an organic structure to a particular thing for it to work in an orderly manner to some other people. However, the latter is the main target of this article.

Verily, everyone needs to be able to put things together in an orderly manner to achieve a specific goal. However, many people believe being organized only relates to behavior or business which is actually not correct because organization affects every part of one’s life. Whether you are moving your stuff in your room or even cooking a meal, you must ensure everything is done in an organized way to avoid your efforts from being a waste.

Aside from this, the significance of organization to humans is unending but I will try to mention a few for you to be able to see clearly why you should try to adjust your character, business, and other integral parts of your life to a more organized one.

  • Value: Have you ever been praised by a person and you start to wonder if you truly deserve those praises? Yes, you deserve them because there is something extraordinary you might have done subconsciously and the other person has noticed it. It might be as insignificant as knotting your tie the right way and the person becomes amazed at how good-looking you are. Being organized brings about value and respect from others.
  • Freedom: When your room looks so untidy and disorganized, how do you move around freely? Why should you choose to restrict yourself because of mere refusal to arrange your room? Think twice before imprisoning yourself.
  • Purpose: Organization defines you and gives you a purpose in life. I have told you earlier that organization does not deal with physical things only rather all aspects of life. You have to be organized as a person to be able to focus on your aims and ambitions.
  • Time Management: Instead of looking for your sneakers at 7:55 when you need to be at a party by 8 o’clock, you will have easy access to them even when the clock says 7:59 because your room is tidy and organized. Now, relate the sneakers above to your everyday life and see how you could have easily transformed that word “future” to “now”, if only you have been organized all this while.

The benefits of organization are directly proportional to the growth of a man, that is, as you grow older; you get more advantages of being organized. However, it is very difficult to keep one’s life organized effectively without no proper mentoring and guidance from various experienced personnel.

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