The Dress Story – Restaurant Managers

In any kind of business, the attire of a person is something that plays a key role in his/her success. When you are in a job where public dealing is often, this factor becomes much more important. In this section, we will see what kind of attire a restaurant manager should have and the role it plays.

While in this busy world where no one has extra time to try out something before judging, appearance is most important. Before trying some food, people will decide to enter your restaurant by looking at your presentation. This includes how you look and how you are dressed up. Let us discuss some key points to discover how to dress like a successful restaurant manager.

The dress code

Some restaurants have a dress code for the entire staff while some have only for waiters. In the second case, always try to choose the professional attire as only that one is the best. A shirt with formal trousers and a jacket over it will do all the good. If you are working in a much more classic restaurant, then nothing less than a suit with a bow or tie you should wear.

For women, suit with knee-length skirt or pants will be good.

The color

As you have chosen the right attire for your job and if you think now you are good to go, then you are wrong. Imagine wearing a dark yellow shirt with dark blue pants and a white jacket over it. Yes, it sounds a bit weird for a professional look. Be careful while selecting colors to wear because that is the right approach.

Always try to choose decent colors of clothes rather than going for bright & sharp ones. A plain white, light blue, or black shirt will be the best with contrasting grey, blue, or black trousers. Similarly, try to choose a suit with acceptable colors as well. Recommendations will be black or grey suits.


You might have got an idea about apparels, now it’s time to talk about shoes. As you know, the job of a restaurant manager is to be on the feet all day long. Smartness is to choose shoes that suit the restaurant manager’s job profile. Women are advised to wear 4-inch heels or decent flat bellies will also do. Here are some points to consider buying the best shoes:

  • Comfort level- As you have to walk the whole day, shoes that you should buy must be comfortable enough. Many options are there in the market with padded insole and edges.
  • The sole– It is another prime factor to look for. The sole of the shoes you are buying should not be slippery. No one will want to slip with a plate in their hands. So be careful with the sole part, it should be anti-slip in nature.
  • The design– Looks matters the most, this is what we have discussed above as well. The same is the case here, shoes must have an elegant design with a single color and the most appreciable here is black.

The whole look

Everything is clear as of now about what to wear being a restaurant manager to be successful. One last thing we have to look at is the tidiness. Even after considering all the above-mentioned points you do not look tidy, each point is useless. Let us clarify what else you have to care about:

  • Always try to wear tailored clothes, that’s where you will add some extra points to your look. Loose or unfit shirts or trousers are as good as nothing.
  • Whether you are late or in a hurry of something, never wear messy clothes. Always put on ironed ones and try to change daily. Applying deodorant or perfume with soothing fragrance will be good as well.
  • Be it, men or women, the hairstyle should be neat & well combed with short hair. Maintain good personal hygiene including well-brushed teeth & cut nails. Avoid being funky or classy. Women should try to keep their hair short; length should never exceed the line of the shoulder. Men must consider keeping their beard tidy and well maintained or a clean shave.
  • This point is most important for women restaurant managers. Avoid wearing excessive makeup, it should not be distracting. Also try not to put on heavy jewelry, a decent chain or necklace with earrings is the best.

Considering these factors will surely help to ease the path to success for restaurant managers with a boost in confidence.

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