The Cannabis Economy in Canada: A Comprehensive Analysis

A group of flowering plants which includes different types of cannabis commonly called weed. Long ago, cannabis was used for medical and industrial usage. It has been used for its psychoactive effects and extraction of other products like seeds and oil. 

Many states and countries have strictly prohibited it from any kind of consumption or use, but around the world, many countries have legalized the use and consumption of cannabis.

Cannabis holds an approximately $13 billion market cap around the globe. Around $4 billion is Canada’s market cap of weed alone.   

Although the legal age to buy cannabis in Canada is 19, it is consumed by individuals also. Anyone can buy cheap weed online in Canada and that is the reason why we should think about its better effects and rigorous harmful effects.

There are several positive and negative effects.

Positive Effects 

Euphoria And Relaxation

A feeling of being well and decreased anxiety is a positive effect of weed, and so it is used in medical drugs of neurology.

Pain Relief

Medically, it is used to prescribe for chronic pain conditions, but it also gives a sense of pain relief.

Enhanced Sensory Perception

Sense organs of the body start to work at high frequency, like listening to music and tasting food incredibly increasing.

Improve Sleep

Many times, doctors prescribe medicines which include cannabis in the treatment of insomnia and lack of sleep problems. 

Negative Effects

Impaired Memory And Concentration

The usage of cannabis can drastically increase memory malfunction and concentration problems. 

Paranoia And Anxiety

Individuals with high THC strains can be badly affected by the consumption of cannabis, and a feeling of paranoia and anxiety could be induced.

Respiratory Issues

Smoking cannabis can create malfunctions in the respiratory system and make it vulnerable to respiratory-based diseases.

Mental Health 

Using cannabis can make mental health problems worse in some people, especially those who are prone to psychosis or schizophrenia.

Main Legal Usage of Weed in Canada

Recreational Use 

On 17 October 2018, the cannabis act came into effect and legalized the recreational use of cannabis for adults aged 18-19 or older. People can buy weed in Canada in retail stores.

Purchase And Possession

Cannabis can be purchased from registered retail weed sellers, and people can also buy cheap weed online in Canada on online platforms. legal consumption has been restricted to 30 gm of dry weed.

Cultivation At Home

One can cultivate up to 4 plants of cannabis in their households. It is necessary to check local regulations about home cannabis growing.

Medical Cannabis 

Medical cannabis has been legal and can be used by valid medical prescriptions since 2001.

Factors Which Make Cannabis Cheap in Canada

Legalization And Regulation

Canada legalized recreational cannabis in the country, and those countries that prohibited cannabis and only allowed it for medical usage are far behind then Canada.

Competition And Market Saturation

Canada has a competent and well-saturated cannabis market compared to the other countries that produce cannabis on a large scale. It also depends upon Canada’s giant fields and growing capacity, which force the market to approach them considerably.

Taxation Policy 

A well-structured tax system always helps the product to capture the market and nurture the business. Canada imposes both federal and provincial taxes but in a certain way that doesn’t affect but increases the betterment of cannabis production and usage.

Social And Cultural Acceptance 

Canada is a country where cannabis is socially accepted, and it’s a part of their culture. They consume it as medicine and use it in their daily routine. And that’s the vast promoter for cannabis in Canada. People often buy weed in Canada very frequently.


The cannabis industry worldwide has changed a lot. Although Canada has legalized weed for those 19 and above, most countries in the rest of the world have prohibited it. Being one of a few countries with legal retailing of cannabis, Canada finds itself on edge, and that is the reason why people can buy cheap weed online in Canada. Cannabis has both positive and negative effects depending upon the usage and dosage of consumption. Rest, Canada is heaven for cannabis lovers and has very soft laws for it.

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