The 7 Best Cat Water Fountains of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Many of you love cats and have them in your house. But, do you know they are at higher risk of dehydration due to low thirst drive and dry diets, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association? Added to this is their natural instinct to avoid drinking water from dirty and stagnant puddles. So, what will you do to make them stay hydrated? Well, the only solution is the cat water fountain.

They are automatic water dispensers to provide the furry balls with a consistent stream of clean water for several weeks. You can clean and maintain them easily, as they come with smart, 2-level, and 4-level filtration systems. But, to choose an appropriate product, always consider its cleaning technology, durability, maintenance, hygiene, sound, etc. On that note, here are the top seven water fountains you can buy this year and beyond for your kitty.

Water Fountains for Cats by VY

When you are looking for the best water fountain for your kitty, choose from VY’S authentic shoppe. They have come with a 1.5L cat water fountain in a compact design and square shape. With a water-gushing length of 7 cm, this fountain features a water dispenser for a constant fresh water supply. Thus, you will get 50g of minimum output, whereas the maximum output is 100g. You can maintain and clean it easily because of its lack of crevices, smooth surfaces, and smaller parts. 

The dimension of this product is 12.5 cm x 16 cm x 11.5 cm. So, it can hold sufficient water, and you need to fill it once or twice every week. The manufacturer has given a time-setting feature to let the users know when to refill the water. Lastly, this fountain is durable and breakage-resistant, owing to its advanced quality plastic. Therefore, this high-quality, eye-catching, chargeable fountain is the best option for your furry friend.

The 7 Best Cat Water Fountains of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

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Eversweet 3 Pro Water Fountain by PetKit 

Do you want the best water fountain for your furry companion? Opt for the PetKit Eversweet 3 Pro water fountain, as it has

  • quiet operation, 
  • dishwasher-safe construction, 
  • long filter life, 
  • a three-level filtration system, and 
  • lower power consumption. 
  • Its light indicator lights up the entire bowl instead of just the frontal part and makes alerts impossible to ignore. Added to this is the fountain’s whisper-quiet operation, with the pump carefully positioned in its body to reduce operating noise. So, you need not worry if your kitty is a light sleeper or gets spooked easily. Made of superior-quality, pet-safe stainless steel, sturdy and a cinch to clean, its sleek and boxy design ensures a great fit for minimalist modern décor.

Catit Flower Water Fountain for Cats

Next is the Catit Flower Fountain, a premium choice for discerning cat owners. Using this fountain means less frequent refills and more sipping time for the kitty due to its capacity of 100-ounce water. But what sets this fountain apart is its motor that produces imperceptible sound, making it a quiet unit. Another crucial feature is the center flower adjustment, which makes the fountain create three varied streams of water, including gentle bubbles, calm streams, and free-falling streams. 

Best Cat Water Fountains

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Veken Pet Water Fountain, 95oz/2.8L 

Is your ultimate priority cat hydration? Then the Veken 95oz/2.8L cat water fountain is for you. It features a 4-stage filtration system and 2.8-liter capacity. Made of top quality, BPA-free, food-grade plastic, this water fountain ensures your beloved kitty’s complete safety and is easy to use and durable. Its dual-flow design- the gentle fountain and flower waterfall- caters to varied cat preferences.

Wireless Cat Water Dispenser by Cheerble 

If you are not fond of electronic water fountains, then this wireless water dispenser is the solution. This gravity-fed water fountain comes with a non-slip base, which makes it one of the safest options for highly active cats. Easy to refill, clean, and assemble, this water fountain is a fuss-free addition to your cat’s daily care routine. Its whisker-friendly water bowl keeps the cat’s sensitive whiskers from getting wet. 

Cat Water Fountain by PetSafe Drinkwell 

Have you been on the quest for a large cat water fountain? Then look no further than this product, apt for owners with more than one cat. This faucet fountain holds a massive 1 gallon of water that can last over a month with all parts dishwasher safe. Its built-in reservoir lets your cat drink water even if the machine is not turned on. While its design is simple and basic, it has many water flow settings, enabling users to adjust the water stream accordingly.

Best Cat Water Fountains

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Water Fountain for Cats by Petlibro Dockstream (Battery-Operated)

The Petlibro Dockstream, with a 5,000mAh lithium-ion battery, is among the most convenient products available in the market. This wireless product offers 30 days of continuous power on a single charge. Another excellent feature is its 2.5L capacity and a detachable water tank that’s easy to refill and clean. 

With a vertical filtration system, the fountain draws water from the tank bottom through a wireless pump and dispenses it into a stainless steel tray. Its 4-layer filter removes heavy metals, pet hair, smells, and other pollutants, which provides your kitty with the cleanest water.

At the End

So, these are the top water fountains for cats. Though seemingly a small addition, they go beyond the basics of feeding and offering comfort. In a nutshell, investing in the right fountain is investing in your cat’s hydration and long-term health by reducing the risk of kidney and urinary diseases.

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