Tawaf Al-Umrah Guide: Importance, Steps, and Things to Avoid

Tawaf is the act of circumambulating the holy Kabah during the Umrah. It is an essential practice for any haji hoping to complete the Umrah properly. Since it’s a sacred step, there are certain prerequisites and duas related to it. You can do Tawaf-Al-Umrah by availing of all-inclusive Umrah Package. Since Hazrat Ibrahim AS established the Kabah and engaged in TAWAF with his son Hazrat Ismail AS, this practice has been carried out. This practice has been passed down from generation to generation ever since.

Tawaf Interpretation:
Tawaf is an Arabic term of Tauf, which means to go round and round, is the source of the Arabic word Tawaf. Tawaf means to walk around or to encircle something in its literal sense. For this reason, Tawaf is the practice of making seven counterclockwise circles around the Holy Kabah. 

Relevance of Tawaf:
The path known as Tawaf helps Muslims become closer to Allah SWT, their creator. Tawaf offers an opportunity to be a guest of Allah SWT and to be near the House of Allah Almighty. Muslims demonstrate their togetherness at Tawaf by adhering to the same dress code and performing identical rituals. Without doing Tawaf, one cannot complete the Hajj or Umrah. It is crucial to clarify that Muslims do not worship the Kaaba only because they circle it. The Prophet Muhammad SAW exclusively followed this procedure during the Umrah and Hajj, and it is still highly valued today. 

Bring us back to historical events in Islam:
The Tawaf exercise brings us back to the Islamic customs that are based on the excellent example set by Allah SWT’s Prophet Muhammad SAW. The historical work of Prophet Ibrahim AS and his son Ismail AS, who participated in the construction of the Holy Kaaba, is displayed to us in the abode of Allah SWT, or the “Kaaba.” While Tawaf, when we begin it from Hajra-e-Aswad, reminds us of the momentous occasion when the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW placed it. 

TAWAF-al-UMRAH Essential Part:
UMRAH cannot be finished without completing TAWAF, which is a necessary component of UMRAH. The first ritual performed after donning an ihram is TAWAF. Scholars place great emphasis on TAWAF because it unites Muslims in one location Allah’s abode, SWT. All Muslim men and women participate in this rite, which involves circumambulating the home of Allah SWT while reciting verses to ask for forgiveness and receive Allah SWT’s favor. This motion represents how all living things adore Allah SWT and how Allah SWT is one. 

How TAWAF-al-UMRAH Is Done:
Anyone who wishes to execute UMRAH must become proficient in TAWAF, as UMRAH cannot exist without it. Here, according to the following practice, every man and woman must go around the Kabah seven times.
• Making wudu is the initial stage, and pilgrims traveling during UMRAH must be in Ihram.
• Complete the second Niyyah for TAWAF-al-UMRAH.
• The TAWAF can be initiated by pilgrims at the location of the black stone. The Saudi government has installed green lights here that are visible from a considerable distance for the convenience of pilgrims.
• The seven rounds around the Kaaba must be completed counterclockwise by pilgrims.
• Ramal, or brisk walking, will be used to complete the first three rounds. We’ll finish the rest rings.

• The pilgrim must recite Allah Hu Akbar on each circle when he approaches the black stone. If the throng makes it impossible, he must try to kiss the stone; if not, he can do so with a hand gesture, just like our beloved Prophet SAW did.
• There are no set prayers said at TAWAF, instead, you are free to read any suggested prayers.
Undoubtedly, reciting the UMRAH is one of Allah SWT’s greatest benefits. For this reason, we should memorize it by heart and do it flawlessly if we want to receive Allah SWT’s many blessings. 

Avoid the following during Tawaf:
Several things are forbidden during Tawaf in Makkah because they are deemed Makruh, or disagreeable are listed below:

  • It is forbidden to discuss worldly and trivial matters during Tawaf.
  •  In Makkah, trading goods buying, or selling is prohibited when someone is practicing Tawaf. 
  • When someone calls while in Tawaf, they must pick up the phone and speak with the caller. However, as it can be seen as Makruh, they are not allowed to discuss anything worldly or trade-related. Turning off your phones is advised when in Tawaf.
  • It might be inconvenient for others doing Tawaf to be disturbed while you pray or recite the Quran aloud.
  • It is not recommended to conduct Tawaf while wearing unclean clothing. Pilgrims are required to wear Ihram, which are simple white garments devoid of color, scent, or deodorant that are also unstitched for males. 

It is forbidden to continue Tawaf in Kabah when Namaz or Khutba are in session.

  • Eating or becoming furious during Tawaf is not a good idea. Recalling Allah SWT when doing tawaf should be done in a serene and tranquil manner.

Most aspects of Tawaf Umrah and Hajj are the same. Tawaf is a celebration of equality and togetherness when individuals of all backgrounds gather in one location, regardless of social standing. It places a strong emphasis on spending time in Allah’s worship and emerging from Hajj or Umrah as a new person. To undertake an affordable Umrah, take advantage of our Cheap December Umrah Packages.

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