Statistics and Facts Revolving Around Surveillance System of Modern Times

Security surveillance is primarily stated to be a monitoring act for a certain place, activity or person for some of the safety reasons and it is a booming market no doubt. Technology always ends up playing major role in enhancing the current security and surveillance capabilities. It works by just offering multiple technical solutions like access controlling devices, alarms and even video surveillance. In the year 2015, security technology and even services market actually end up generating a whopping $75.6 billion in revenue on a worldwide basis. This figure later grew up to $82 billion dollars the next year. It is in this speed that the market is channelizing to grow and gain some revenue at the end.

Widely used technology of all time:

It is not hard to say that the video based Security Systems Philadelphia or the surveillance cameras are widely used technologies in this current industry. It is known to generate revenue of $20 billion in the upcoming years.

  • Both the IP and non-IP base technologies are widely used for the video surveillance. Moreover, the non-IP generates more than greater share of the industrial revenue on an average.
  • China and North America are stated to be the two major regional markets covering the video surveillance technology. Even though China is forecast to have around a quarter of the market share by 2019, the USA has greatest numbers in terms of surveillance cameras per capita.
  • It is true to state that video surveillance is second most profitable security items in the USA, which is second to just integrate non-residential systems to it. Intrusion alarms and access control will also represent a fair share of the USA market well.

Some more points that you need to be aware more:

Alarm systems and access control are not just popular in the USA but have grown its value on a worldwide basis. In the year 2018, global identity and access based management market are known to reach around 7 billion USA dollars in terms of revenue. In case of the companies in question, Allegion, AssaAbloy and Aiphone are some of the major and reputed providers of such access control equipment and even solutions on a worldwide basis. They have been maintaining this position since 2014 and still continuing it with the same glory.

More modernistic approach:

Apart from the traditional fields such as alar and access control, video and security technology, the practices are evolving in proper conjunction with the latest technology trends like the Internet of Things or IoT.

  • The internet of things has been a tech phenomenon, which has gained its proper momentum and expected to have a proficient impact on the current security surveillance market.
  • Some of the connected home security device shipments are stated to grow from 41 million units, as shipped in 2014 to right a number of 709 million units in 2019.

The market of the software and IT security product keep on growing for the online privacy and data security based matters.

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