5 smart mobile Apps that can earn you real money

Making real money can be frustrating for some and maybe an easy task for many. Making money with very little effort is what people needs today. And earning money with just your smartphones in hand seems like dream come true. So today you get to know some amazing smart mobile phone Apps that can earn you real money.

By real money, I mean real money! No fake offers and reviews. Earn more with really simple tasks and works. So let’s begin with the list.

ezyShot App

  If you are a Selfy geek or you are fond of recording videos of your precious moments very often. Then this App is for you, it will pay you for that. Yes, you can earn money through your photos, video, services and even from your personal messages through this App. ezyShot App makes it possible.  ezyShot is actually a social network where you are free to upload your images, videos and much such stuff as you do on other social sites . But the best thing about it is “It pays you for that”. The things or stuffs that you are actually doing on social sites like Facebook and Twitter every day, doesn’t pays you a penny. But the same on ezyShot will pay you a good amount, Isn’t that cool?

ezyShot Apps that can earn you real money

How ezyShot App works:  As I told before ezyShot App is a social site. It has one click upload feature which makes uploading faster and easier. There are many different types of things you can do to get paid through ezyShot, I will cover each of them one by one.  Firstly ezyShot monetise your social followers and pays you for uploading the contents as I discussed above. If you are an artist then you can use this App to add your followers and provide your service to them. You can provide your best services and advice to different peoples and get paid for that. You can be from any field, it doesn’t matters.

Also read: Latest Top Best Combat Racing Games   There are many people who are linked to ezyShot with different professions such as student, singers, photographers, programmers, doctors, nutritionist and many others. If you are expertise at you work then you can also provide the online service to people, who need it. You can help people and make real cash out of it. So get this App today and start earning real money.  

Get ezyShot App now from: Playstore — iTunes

casino.com App

Do you love playing casino games? Casino.com has a huge range of casino games.  The online casino games such as online Blackjack, online slots, live dealer and other card games are popular among casino players. Here at casino.com playing and earning goes simultaneously. Casino.com has made many different options available for you to play and earn through the casino games. You can use all different platforms to play your games. But here I am talking about the mobile app platform.

casino.com App

How casino.com App works: Casino.com has launched its mobile app for people who love casino games. This app is a great app ever built to play casino games online from anywhere in the world. Using the App to play casino game has certain advantages like you will get a “Welcome bonus” that will double the amount of money you deposit for the first time. That makes this App worthy.   You just have to register an account with casino.com and instantly start playing and earning. Also casino.com app provides best user touchscreen experience that makes every game interesting. You can also play every game in demo mode to improve your skill set and earn even more while playing.    

Get casino.com App now from: Playstore

Pact App

  If you think investing money is the only way to get healthy then you are wrong. Pact App is a most popular App which will change your thinking. This App helps everyone to remain fit and active. And surprisingly it pays you for that. Yes you heard it right! Pact is amazing App which can help you to reduce your weight and manage your health by motivating you and also rewarding you with cash for remaining fit and active.

Pact Apps - earn you real money

How Pact App works:  Pact App has a feature to set Goals weekly. Goals are related to healthy eating and exercising. Each goal has some amount linked. On each successful completion of goal, cash is provided to the user weekly. So get ready to get paid weekly. With Pact App you have to set your weekly goals and work hard at your gym to improve and crack that goal. The tougher the goal, the highest is pay-out. You have to verify the fitness result by sending the photos of your meal and yourself to Pact.   Pact has launched a great initiative which helps people to get healthy and fit. This App also helps you connect with its other fitness partner Apps such as RunKeeper, Fitbit, Jawbone Up, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal and many more. Connecting this App to other App makes it easier to track, verify and earn. It pays you through Paypal.  

Get Pact App now from: Playstore — iTunes

Google Opinion Rewards App

  Google opinion rewards App is a nice little App by Google. This App is pretty easy to use; you can earn Google play credits through this App. Just complete small surveys and earn instantly.

Google opinion Apps

How Google opinion rewards App works:  You just have to download and install this App on your Android mobile. When new surveys are available you will be notified. Complete the survey and get your credit. You can earn up to $1 for each survey for you submit. Surveys are actually very simple questions like “which is your favourite game” or “Where are you planning to travel next”. Answer these questions and earn credits easily.   

Get Google Opinion Rewards App now from: Playstore

Mobee App

  If you are fond of roaming around and enjoying at different places then Mobee is best App for you. Mobee is a fascinating way to earn real money.  Mobee helps the local businesses to improve their services by giving them the review from users. And you are the user who visits that local business and review the services they offer. You are paid for the feedback you give to Mobee. 

How Mobee App works:  This App has a map with many different missions marked on it. Missions are not difficult at all. You just need to have dinner somewhere or to shop at the given locations. Locations may include reputed shops and local stores like Starbucks and McDonalds. These missions or tasks are pretty easy; mission only includes activities such as shopping, eating and enjoying.   So choose the desired mission and while shopping or eating, you have to answer some simple questions asked by Mobee and you are done. You can earn points for each task you perform and at the same time you can redeem your points to get cash, gift vouchers, prizes, rewards and much more. As long as you go on using this App and complete the missions you will also unlock different achievements and level-up, which helps earn even more dollars than your previous mission. So grab this App today.  

Get Mobee App now from: Playstore iTunes

  Hope you Loved the Mobile Apps that can earn you real money. If you liked this post share this with others. Thank you for reading.

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