Sergey Tokarev on Ukrainian military technology: We must be prepared for further Russia attack

For more than a year, Ukraine has fought to maintain its integrity, freedom, and identity. Technology is more important than ever during this war, particularly in the military. The most popular requests of today include the creation of drones, electronic warfare systems, and analytics systems. Sergey Tokarev, a founding partner of Roosh, spoke about the importance of developing Ukrainian military technology.

The invading state’s full-scale assault forced the Ukrainians to modernize their existing arsenal and create new weapons. Tokarev pointed out that Ukrainians managed to update outdated drones and enable them to fly more than 1,200 kilometers without being detected by Russian air defense systems. This is not the only accomplishment in the development of military technology, claims Sergey Tokarev. These are some other successful examples:

  • Ukraine created a sophisticated and affordable air defense system that can hear Russian Shahed drones coming before they can be seen, and tech military updated UAVs so they could hit any target without endangering human life.
  • The development of remote-control technologies, such as unmanned tanks and tiny jet UAVs, can save the lives of trained professionals
  • Mykhailo Fedorov, minister of digital transformation, announced the establishment of the military tech cluster in Ukraine.

In addition, Sergey Tokarev brings up the Ukrainian project Army of Drones, in which the government set aside 20 million hryvnias to buy expert unmanned drones produced there. The businessman believes that the conflict may last for a long time and that the nation must constantly be ready to take additional military action against the invader. Because of this, Ukraine should create its military technology and take into account the application of analytical tools for increased security. The businessman thinks analytics will shape the future.

“We should realize that the war is for long, that the aggressive neighbor is not going to disappear. As I understand it, the worst thing will happen not today, but in the following 5-10 years. It is clear that now Russia will lose, the Russians will not accept this humiliation and will try to revenge. The question is what we will do to prevent it,” says Tokarev.

Sergey Tokarev notes that a battle of this scale hasn’t been witnessed in the modern world in nearly a century. As technologies have advanced significantly, he believes that any future major military battle will be completely “unmanned.” However, there is no place for robots on the battlefield currently so far as they are not efficient enough.

Sergey Tokarev invites the IT industry to join this endeavor. He believes that together, they can produce proactive unmanned devices that could save hundreds of lives. The creation of unmanned drone control systems, electronic warfare systems, and satellite image analysis is already being worked on by some experts.

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