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How Researches / E-Books / Academic Sources Can Be Translated Easily with Protranslate’s Professional PDF Translation Services

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PDF is a format mainly meant for distribution and publication and not for editing. Originally, PDF was developed as a means to present and exchange documents in a reliable manner independent of the operating system, software, or hardware. Since PDF files cannot be edited like other types of files. It tends to be more time consuming to translate PDF files like researches, eBooks, and academic sources compared to other native file formats, or the format before being converted into PDF

For translation purposes, there are two basic types of PDF documents, specifically scanned documents and those that contain live text. It is very easy to identify the difference between these two types. First, you can try opening the PDF file and select some text. You can only select, copy, then paste a paragraph or word if the PDF contains the live text. On the other hand, when the PDF file was made through scanning from a printed copy. The content will be a series of images and there will be no way for you to choose any part of the text. 

At Protranslate, you can get quality PDF translation at for researches, eBooks, and academic sources. 

Translation of PDFs with Live Text 

Preparing the translation of PDFs with live text is so much easier. The OCR conversion, proofreading, and editing process can be skipped to proceed straight to text translation. This is when the editable text will be copied into Microsoft Word to start the translation. It still involves some cleanup to ensure that every text is extracted, unnecessary hyphens and hard returns are removed, and text will appear in the right reading order. You can also convert pdf to word using PDFBear and then translate the text.

Translation of Scanned PDFs 

When it comes to scanned PDFs, the initial step in the process of translation is to try converting the text to an editable form. Content will be processed using OCR or Optical Character Recognition software then converted to editable text prior to translation. The process tends to be more time consuming, making it a more expensive workflow for PDF translation. OCR conversions can be inaccurate and require careful reviewing. 

The inaccuracy sometimes results in additional steps to edit and proofread the OCR output. The amount of editing required is often dependent on the scanned content’s quality, the layout, the text size, as well as the source language. For worst cases, there might be a need to manually retype all or some of the content. It further increases the cause because of the extra time needed for extracting and preparing the text for translation

Choose the Professional PDF Translation Services of Protranslate for the Best Results

Protranslate can handle as much of the process of PDF Translation as required. It means that their turnkey PDF translation services can give you the assurance that you will be receiving the finished results exactly as you need. No matter what form of PDF you want to be translated, you can be sure that Protranslate will be able to help you out. 


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