Prominent Way to Convert EML File to Word Documents

You might use Windows or Mac applications like Gmail or Outlook for Mac to send or receive messages. These applications save their data in EML format. Sometimes, you will need to make changes to this data. But it is not possible to make alterations directly. In this case, you need to convert the EML file to Word first, and then you can edit the EML files. So, in the following section, we will learn the strategies for transferring EML data to MS Word documents.

Manual Ways to Convert EML to Word (DOC/DOCX)

You can use these methods to convert EML files into DOC. There are different steps for Windows and Mac.

Convert EML to Word on Windows

  • Select the EML file you wish to convert.
  • Right-click on that selected file, and choose the Open-With option from the list of preferences.
  • Choose the Word application among the choices.
  • The above steps will open the EML file in the MS Word application.
  • Now, navigate to the File option in MS Word.
  • In the new wizard, choose Save As.
  • Select the saving format as DOC from the option list.
  • Browse the location where you want to save the converted EML files.
  • Assign the name for the resultant file (optional)
  • With the above steps, you can easily Convert the EML File to a Word document.

Although simple to use, this method is ineffective for handling multiple files. In addition, you also need technical expertise to execute this command. Additionally, you must have enough time to use this method. So, to prevent all these errors, you can use an automated EML to Word Converter tool.

 Convert EML to Word in Bulk Without Hassle

The EML Converter is an efficient tool that can convert EML to DOC, DOCX, PST, PDF, HTML, MBOX, MSG, and others. Additionally, this tool also allows you to import EML files into Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Hostgator, Thunderbird, iCloud, and many others. Furthermore, the tool allows you to save EML attachments in PDF format and perform a backup of your data within a specific time frame.

Steps to Convert EML to Word

  • Launch and install the Cigati EML Converter and run it as administrator.
  • Add single or multiple EML Files.
  • Select the files or folders you wish to convert.
  • Choose the saving format as DOC from the drop-down menu.
  • Decide the utility feature as per requirement.
  • Lastly, click on the Convert button.

After following the above steps, the tool will convert EML to DOC and other formats or email clients.


The above article provides you with the best and most authentic ways to convert EML to Word. Though you can also use a manual method to do this conversion, it fails for bulky EML files. On the contrary, a professional tool is loaded with advanced features and can convert EML data to DOC, DOCX, and others without wasting time.


Q1. Can I open EML in Word?

A1. Yes, you can open EML files in Word. 

Q2. Can I Convert multiple EML Files manually?

A2. No, manually, it is not possible. You need to select EML files one by one. But with the professional tool, you can do this conversion in just a few steps.

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