Popular Items You May Use When Working as a Car Mechanic

Owning a car offers unrivaled convenience. However, cars require regular upkeep and maintenance, including oil changes and other more complicated repairs entailing multiple systems. Every car mechanic requires a reliable set of vital automotive tools to execute all automotive repairs or modifications.

Conventionally, all a car mechanic required was a good wrench set, a robust pair of pliers, and various sizes of screwdrivers to repair most cars. Today, the automotive industry has experienced a drastic transition. Numerous computer chips and solid-state electronic parts characterize modern vehicles. Therefore, modern car mechanics will require specialized tools to rectify problems with these complex electronic devices. Here are popular items you may use when working as a car mechanic:

1. Hand Tools

Although most garages use pneumatic wrenches for seamless, safe removal of machine-tightened nuts and bolts, hand tools are still essential in tight spots. They are an excellent accompaniment for undertaking less complex car repairs. A screwdriver set, including flat and Philip’s heads, is also a vital tool for auto mechanics.

Always buy screwdrivers in a set for better results. A set usually incorporates an assortment of long and short handles for flexibility. Including a set of open-end/box end wrenches from sizes 11mm through 19 mm is vital for dealing with the nuts and bolts.

2. Pliers

Always have a pair of pliers in your car repair toolbox to help you get rid of materials successfully without cutting them through. You can use standard, needle nose, pump, hook nose, or insulated pliers, depending on the problem being diagnosed. Some jobs need uniquely designed pliers, such as piston ring installers and brake spring pliers.

3. Hammer

You may encounter many challenges performing basic tasks on the vehicle. A hammer has numerous uses, including alignments, dent removal, transmission rebuilding, and chassis or brake work. The ball, cross, and straight peen are the most popular hammers used in auto repair.

4. Car Jacks and Car Stands

A car must be lifted off the ground when dealing with the issue or making repairs. However, you can’t depend on car jacks entirely to keep you safe when diagnosing any problem. Stands offer extra help so that you can lift the vehicle so that you don’t need to depend entirely on a car jack.

5. Tire Gauge

Whether a veteran or a novice car mechanic, you shouldn’t estimate tire pressure using your eyes as this may not give legit results. A tire gauge helps check whether a tire is overinflated or underinflated. It provides authentic and reliable readings and is available in standard and digital formats.

6. Wrenches

Having a good set of wrenches is crucial. Wrenches are available in different types and sizes. The most common types of wrenches include:

• Combination Wrenches: The two ends of a combination wrench are different. One end is enclosed while the other end is open. Contemplate investing in wrenches whose sizes range from 8mm and 19mm. However, you can invest in other wrenches depending on your needs.

• Adjustable Wrenches: These wrenches are pretty versatile. Consider buying a three-wrench set with eight, ten, and twelve inches handle lengths.

7. Ratchet and Socket Set

They are essential tools for extracting lug nuts and bolts. An adjustable ratchet with imperial and metric sockets will aid in handling almost all types of vehicles, whether you want to remove an underinflated tire or eject the car’s oil pan to change the oil in the engine. Always ensure you have different types of working in various environments. You can either have reversible self-locking or quick-release ratchets, depending on the task.

8. Oil Change Tools

Carrying an oil filter wrench for changing the oil is crucial. Since oil filter wrenches vary in size, it is essential to have different sizes for many cars. Consider using oil filter wrenches compatible with the filter’s end if the access is restrained. Invest in a heavy duty vinyl tarp to protect your oil change tools. It’s flexible, long-lasting, and easy to handle.


Automotive tools combined with appropriate items and skills can help a mechanic solve almost all issues that a vehicle might experience. Every automotive mechanic should invest in authentic vital tools for different service cars. Besides, they should also know how to use the tools to do the job as expected without damaging the vehicle.

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