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Online Slot Games Inspired from Games

tomb raider

Some of our favorite online slots are those that ring a little tune back from our childhood; the exploring, the risk, but most importantly those wacky themes that often remind us of the things in pop culture that we really love – check out Book of Dead Slotzo.

This is why, therefore, that the popularity of slot games based on video and arcade games are the ones that many of us are attracted to. Whether you are a stickler for the classic slot games or like the ones which create fantastic themes, they all have relevance to video games in some way.

What are the most popular slot games based on games?

As a high roller yourself, we do not doubt at all that you know exactly where to go to get the most bang for your buck, but if you want to try something new (or reminisce on games!) then check out what we believe are the most popular kinds of slot games that are actually based on real games:

·         Tomb Raider – Playing as Lara Croft and racing through temples to find hidden treasure is exactly what online slots are all about. If you want a blast from the past mixed with good old fashioned betting, then take a look at the enticing Tomb Raider themed slot games that the internet has to offer!

·         Resident Evil – Now we are really getting into the nitty gritty. Even the name might bring back waves of nostalgia to some of you, so why not take a chance through the apocalyptic kingdom that the resident evil themed casino games can give you

·         The Legend of Zelda – One of Nintendo’s finest games, follow Link through the enchanted forests to rescue Zelda and maybe you might just hit the jackpot along the way!

·         Tron – A family favourite 80s masterpiece, what a game and what a way to win! Some of you may remember trying to crash your opponents into your laser stream but accidentally duping yourself. But, now it is your turn to dupe the machines in playing Tron themed slot games.

These are just a small amount of our favourite, and available, slot games based on old games that you should really check out. They are a lot of fun and that is what online gaming is all about!

Are Casino Games bases on Games Better than Normal Slot Games?

You might be one of those who does not want to sway from your normal slot game, but we think that video game based slots are a lot of fun, so we have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of playing them:

Advantages of game based slotsDisadvantages of game based slots
Lots of fun nostalgic elementsNo guarantee on the RTP
Inventive new bonusesSwayed from your normal winners
Exciting story developmentSometimes ambitious graphics
Often have free demo playsCan have confusing ways of play
Reminder of your favourite games 

We hope that you enjoy playing your favorite childhood games in the form of slots, and we know that you will most definitely win big!

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