Make Your Spectrum TV Experience Lofty With 3D TV

3-dimensional picture TV or you can say 3DTV is an advanced type of entertainment. Unlike 2D pictures on the traditional TV, 3D TV conveys an in-depth perception to the viewer. By which viewer basically feel like immersed in the motion images. It gained popularity with the time and technology to handle the 3D effects has also become cheaper and more accessible. Now it is a setting and option with normal modern TV’s. Although 3D TV market is something that is in decline in the market since 2012. Spectrum 3D On-Demand list is still available to customers with a compatible HD Spectrum Receiver connected with an HDMI cable to a 3D TV. We will discuss that in detail in the upcoming chapter.

How does it work?

First and foremost, you would need a 3D compatible television to watch 3D shows. Most of the traditional televisions do not feature 3D capability. If you are not sure whether your television is capable of displaying 3D programs or not, then check the settings of your TV or check with your manufacturer. Also, the older 3D TVs are not compatible with the 3D content streamed by Spectrum cable. In fact, Charter Spectrum makes use of the latest 3D technology, which was implemented in mainstream 3D televisions that came after 2010. So, if you do own a 3D TV older than that, chances are that it is not compatible with the 3D content offered by spectrum and you need to upgrade your TV device.

Make Your Spectrum TV Experience Lofty With 3D TV

If you have the compatible device and 3D glasses, then you are ready to watch. Before switching your TV to 3D mode and putting on your 3D glasses, select the 3D movie you’d like to watch. To do that you need to view a list of 3D movies available to rent on-demand.

Steps for 3D list

First off, press the on-demand button on your remote control and select ‘Movies’. HBO subscribers may also navigate to ‘HBO’ and then ‘3D’ to browse additional 3D titles. There are selection option ‘3D Movies’ to browse available 3D content.

Viewing Instructions

The 3D content will begin after a short instructional video. Once the 3D content begins, determine the correct display orientation by watching the movie in 2D mode without wearing 3D glasses. You’ll see two identical video frames side-by-side, or top-to-bottom. This indicates which display orientation to select. You will need compatible 3D glasses to enjoy movies in 3D. Make sure that your 3D glasses are compatible. Any 3D glasses won’t do. You have to have 3D glasses that are compatible with the specific model of your 3D TV.

In addition to these two, you will be needing the remote control that came with your 3D TV, and an HDMI capable HD Spectrum receiver. The remote that came with your 3D TV will have all the controls needed to watch 3D programs according to your preferences. The Spectrum receiver is what receives the content, and displays it on the television. It goes without saying that you will need to connect the receiver to the television using an HDMI cable.

Spectrum TV in bundles

Do you want to enjoy 3D TV with Spectrum TV? Spectrum provides two types of bundles Spectrum double play and Spectrum triple play. There are two bundles in the double play, which has good charter cable tv deals. Spectrum internet bundled with Spectrum TV (Select) and Spectrum TV (Silver) with spectrum voice.

Spectrum TV Experience Lofty With 3D TV

In Spectrum triple play come with three bundles Select’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’. In each bundle TV package differ, triple play select comes with select packages of TV, triple play silver comes with a silver premier package of spectrum TV and triple play gold come with the Spectrum TV gold. Select comes with 125+ channels, the Silver package comes with more 175+ channels, and premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, & NFL Network and finally gold package comes with 200+ plus extra premium channels and the rest of the features of spectrum TV. HBO 3D comes with Silver and Gold tier, however, you can get on-demand 3D content by paying from the DVR manager or spectrum TV app.

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