Looking Young And Healthy Beyond 40: Promising Anti-Aging Techniques

Some people do not like their looks once they reach a certain age; they could see every line and wrinkle, even if it not noticeable for most people. But no matter how much we take care of ourselves, it seems that aging always catches up. But that’s not exactly true. Experts are still coming up with new ways to fight the specter of aging, and every year brings a new raft of techniques that could help. Here is a quick look at some options available to you if you want to look as young as ever.


An interesting technique that sounds a bit painful is microneedling. The name of the process is pretty accurate since it uses microscopic needles to pierce the skin. This is done via a roller that is passed over the skin. As it passes the skin, the needles pierce it, and they cause microscopic injuries. These encourage your skin to start producing more collagen to repair the damage. The result is that your skin will feel fresher as it heals. It is mainly done to remove various imperfections in your skin. Fine lines and light wrinkles can be caught early, while it also helps with scars and large pores.

The great thing about the entire process is that it is not as invasive as it sounds. The process doesn’t hurt that much when done by a proper dermatologist. You don’t even have to prep a long time to get it. All you need is two hours. The procedure itself will involve applying an anesthetic so you likely won’t be feeling anything at all. The entire process takes 30 minutes, then followed by a simple post-procedure to calm down your skin a bit. Afterward, you should be fine to go about your day. There will only be some redness after a few days.

Non-invasive Skin Tightening

As you age, your skin starts to sag. This is what causes wrinkles and other problems with older skin. This is what makes skin-tightening so effective. When the sagging skin is tightened, the wrinkles disappear. The more accessible option for this is via surgery. Facelifts and other cosmetic operations pull the skin tight through surgical means. But that is not the only way to tighten skin. Various methods are available, and they range from using heat like the Thermage skin tightening treatment to using ultrasound waves. These other methods have the advantage of being non-invasive, which is great for those who don’t want a doctor slicing into their skin just for cosmetic reasons.

Body Sculpting

Another sign of aging is stubborn fat deposits. When you grow older, your metabolism slows down, and this makes it more difficult to eliminate the fat in your body. Even with proper exercise and dieting, there will be still fat in your body. If you want to keep a youthful figure, you need to get rid of them. While the usual solution is invasive liposuction, non-invasive body sculpting is also available for those who want it.

There are several ways in which it could work. First, there is cold. A device pulls in the fat cells into one concentrated area and then cools it down to a level where the cells are destroyed. The process is similar to the other methods in which heat or ultrasonic waves are used to eliminate the fat. The great thing about non-invasiveness is that you likely won’t have to face any side effects. You have to go in for multiple sessions and will walk away from them with minimal problems.


Fat and bone mass loss are another effect of aging. The result is what was once a youthful-looking face becomes wasted and hollow. But you can fight the effects by having dermal fillers injected underneath the skin’s surface. The effect is similar to a facelift and can shave years off your face if injected in the right places. Doctors usually combine them with muscle relaxants so that wrinkles are eliminated.

A common area for fillers to get injected into are the lips. Fresh and plump lips are the mark of youth, so adding fillers to them can be very effective in making you look youthful. These fillers last for a year, and you need a fresh injection again when your body absorbs them while some fillers can be semi-permanent depending on the material they are made of.

As technology progresses, more techniques are developed that can help combat aging. With their help, you can stay better-looking for years to come. Additionally, even when age does catch up, you will look graceful in your age. Work on yourself so you can stay lively, healthy and vibrant for a long time.

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