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LeagueFeed announces this year the top picks for mobile hot spot. Mobile hotspots have been flourishing over quite some time. Smartphones offers mobile hotspot but the risk on getting the battery drained will be its consequence. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable hotspot around you when you are at the peak of your gaming at home and then, suddenly the internet connection shuts down? There are sure a lot of public Wi-Fi but does the speed and the security worth satisfying? If you are out on a day, restaurant and coffee shops, offer free internet but the traffic sources are high. It gives more reason to purchase mobile hotpot to lessen the grief during gaming.

Speed of Mobile Hotspot Experience

When thinking of choosing the best mobile hotspot, the number on the list to be considered is the transmission speed. If a gamer gives his answer on how fast it should be, most suggested will yield to as fast as the speed of light. A purchase is more appealing with its design in consonant with its performance. Should it be better to purchase a weight light mobile hotspotbut with a lesser speed transmission? Or choose an expensive out of the budget device but offers the clients needs. In LeagueFeed, the doubt in choosing what hotspotsuits your need and pocket is being offered. Our top priority is giving the clients the option for their best experience and the satisfaction of their purchase.

The Top List in Mobile Hotspot

Leaguefeed offers the best option now. Here are the top three mobile hotspot: The premium (1) NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot,(2)Gamer’s choice Nommi: Gaming Mobile Hotspot and; (3) the budget friendly Alcatel LINKZONE | Mobile WiFi Hotspot.

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot plays the highest choice for every gamer simply because of the 2.4 to 5 GHz Wifi capability. Not only that, it can connect up to twenty (20) devices. Imagine your having a 5v5 game and want to focus the speed that will be offered for each one you. This will be of a great advantage for the transmission of speed is solely depending on the persons connected. It also works on AT&T network with 5040 mAh.  Surely, this will last to a day.

Nommi: Gaming Mobile Hotspot, who would like to miss this another mobile hotspot device? It offers an e-Sim, capable of connecting to 150 countries for only $3 a day. The built-in VPN (virtual private network) is another plus. It works with the networks of T-mobile, Verizon, Mint SIM cards, and more.

Alcatel LINKZONE | Mobile WiFi Hotspot is the budget friendly mobile hotspot which offers connectivity up to fifteen devices (15). The battery is 1800 mAh and is only 3 ounces. It may not support a day experience but this will be a sure market for thrifty person who only need a mobile hotspot when needed. This does not offer an in-display screen but worry less, Alcatel provides an app which you can see the strength of the signal it offers and other details. 

While mobile gaming market has been growing. Technology offers a better way to compliment with this trend.

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