Kick Streaming for Beginners: 5 Steps to Start Your Live Stream

Live streaming has been around for as long as the internet. One of the prominent streaming platforms today is Kick – an innovative streaming service that offers a broad range of features for content creators and viewers. It’s also important to note that although this streaming service is relatively new in the market, it’s shaking the industry up in a way that has never been witnessed before.

This article will explain the ins and outs of live streaming on and how you can make the most of your experience. We’ll discuss how you can set up your Kick account and provide you with handy tips on how you can maximize your audience engagement. Please continue reading to discover more about Kick streaming.

What is is a live streaming service that allows you, as a content creator, to broadcast your live videos so that your viewers can view and engage with the content in real-time. Kick was developed initially as a creator-oriented platform with high-quality live broadcasts and a generous monetization policy. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the platform receives a substantially lesser cut compared to what creators on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube do.

For instance, YouTube offers its creators around 70% of their earnings, while Twitch creators only receive half from subscriptions. On the other hand, Kick allows you to keep 95.5% of your earnings, encouraging you to produce more content for your live audience.

5 Steps to Start Your Live Stream

You may be wondering how to stream on Kick. Don’t fret – here are five fundamental steps to get you started:

1. Download and set up your Kick-streaming account

To get started with Kick, you must visit and download the streaming app. You must then register your account and link it to your streaming software. You can download this software from the App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can visit on your browser and tap the “Sign Up” button to sign up for your account if you don’t already have one.

Remember that with a well-designed Kick profile, you can attract more viewers to your broadcasts and engage with them. Therefore, ensure you provide a precise image of your brand and design a profile picture that will make your account stand out in search queries.

2. Link your streaming software

It would be impossible to start streaming your content without connecting your preferred streaming software to your Kick account. It would be best to choose a dedicated streaming software, like Restream Studio or OBS Studio.

Once in your Kick account, select the “Stream Setup” on the creator dashboard, then click the “Encoder Setup.” You will access your Stream URL and Key, which you will paste on your streaming software.

Consequently, modify any extra personalized settings, like audio preferences and output resolution. Testing your connection before going live lets you check whether your settings match your preferences.

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3. Set the right output settings for optimum live-streaming

You can only achieve the perfect Kick output quality by choosing the appropriate streaming software and adjusting the necessary settings. Here, you need to optimize aspects such as:

  • Audio and video bitrate. This aspect will determine the quality of your audio and videos; hence, it should be set at the appropriate speed depending on your internet speed.
  • Screen resolution. It would be best to select the resolution to produce crisp footage without compromising your content’s performance. You want your scaled resolution set to 720p or 1080p unless you have internet speeds and hardware that can handle video outputs with higher resolution.
  • Framerate. Higher frame rates tend to result in smoother videos, but it could compromise performance if you set it too high. Therefore, start with 60fps and gradually reduce it to 30fps if you observe choppy streams or dropped frames.

4. Choose your video title and category wisely

Like with other streaming platforms, streaming on requires you to choose the right title and category for your content to reach the right audience. You can do so best by creating a concise title that represents your content accurately. You can also use relevant keywords in your category and title to enhance discoverability. Remember, the creator dashboard should allow you to set your content’s ideal title and category.

5. Going live and concluding your video stream

If you employ the right streaming platform, you should find going live on air and ending your stream quite a straightforward process with minimal constraints. First, you must ensure your stream key and URL are ready, as well as your video title and category. 

Once everything is ready, you can proceed to tap the “Start Streaming” button and start broadcasting your content. When you end your live stream, Kick will show an offline banner notifying your audience that the stream is over.

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Final Thoughts

To wrap this up, Kick streaming can effectively connect with your target audience and earn money. You can set up your live streaming account and get started quickly by following the steps mentioned in this post. Kick is an innovative platform whose benefits compared to other platforms have made flocks of content creators consider switching from their previous streaming platforms to Kick.

Remember that the best way to make live-streaming content profitable and sustainable is to engage your audience, employ the best equipment, and collect continuous feedback to improve different aspects of your channel.

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