5 Ways to Still Keep Your Business Running During a Quarantine

When a crisis hits and you are forced into quarantine, you have steps you can take to ensure your business doesn’t skip a beat.

You might encounter some setbacks, but you need to work as hard as possible and make money however you can. You also need to make sure your business is ready to be as strong as possible once the quarantine is lifted.

Here are ways to still keep your business running during a quarantine.

1. Do Not Panic and Calm Employee Fears

It is imperative that you do not panic. And it is also important that your employees remain composed. If you do not present to your team that you are in control of a quarantine situation, then you run the chances of your staff being too anxious to focus on their work. They will focus on distracting what-ifs instead of focusing on the here and now.

Do not run the risk of your staff not being able to handle the pressures of their new working situation. They already have enough stressors when it comes to their personal life, and you need to be that leader that assures them everything will be okay.

2. Address Mailing and Shipping Procedures

Even if the quarantine does not take away your opportunities to mail and ship work-related items, your processes for doing those things can be interrupted. For those of you that have a department or individual(s) that handles those needs, you must determine the best way to take care of those duties relating to your new situation.

So if you use USPS and other mail carries and if you use either air or land freight providers, you must be certain that your ducks are in a row. Make sure that you have someone in place to manage those processes. Make sure that those who normally do business with you know of any alternate locations where deliveries need to be sent. And if able, you should try to figure out a way to make your goods available to the public, even if that means using delivery for the first time.

3. Establish Other Internal Protocols

Mail and freight procedures are not the only parts of your operations that might need to be determined. You also need to establish other internal protocols. Make sure that you have an effective way to manage your company’s phone system using a remote location. You may have to get a new number and forward your calls to a mobile device. Don’t forget to make sure your team members have their mobile phones ready to handle the forced remote work situation, too

You also need to establish protocols for email. Take into account that some employees might rely on word of mouth communication more. Make sure that everyone on your team has access to email to ensure they are informed of assignments, policies, and successes.

4. Make Use of Video Technologies

Not only will you need to make the most use out of mobile phones and email, but you also need to try and utilize the various video technologies available. You will be able to use those technologies for meetings and training. And also as with phones and email, you should maximize the use of online video to stay engaged with your customers.

Look at your existing infrastructure to see what options you have when it comes to video. Some of your other resources are Facebook Live, Face Time, Skype, and YouTube.

5. Don’t Stop Your Advertising and Marketing

You still need to focus on advertising and marketing. The aforementioned video technologies can help you, so be sure to look into that. Make sure you put more emphasis on your external emails and your social media, too. And don’t forget to continue with updates on your website.

Hopefully, you will be able to still get business during quarantine, but even if not, you want to remain a visible business option. Do not stop promoting your company. During quarantine, you need to do to be in contact with customers more than ever.

Don’t Let A Crisis Kill Your Business

No crisis, including one that causes a quarantine, should ever kill your company. Your business can indeed survive. To help you do this, make sure you cover the steps presented above.

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