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Java Tools and Technologies Landscape for 2018

Do you aspire to bloom your career in computer programming? Well, you may choose the path of Java developer in any reputed firm and start creating computer programs using Java language. Note that a professionally trained Java developer is the demand of the hour and for this, you need to opt for the best Java training course from the most competent Java training center. Google will help you out to explore the list of some top institutes where you may get the efficient training of Java. As far as the Java tools and technologies trend for 2018 is concerned, the below mentioned frameworks, development tools and IDEs will give you a clear idea of what Java developers use:

JSF or Java Server Faces Technology

This tool was developed by Oracle for the quick creation of websites. JSF is actually the official web framework of Java EE and helps the developers to connect a project’s application logic and presentation layers without the use of any additional code. In 2018, Java community members are making efforts to simplify the process of Java web application.

Java Tools and Technologies

Play Framework

This framework allows the developers to make use of its code refresh trait and verify about the alterations in the code instantly without restarting the project. Apart from coordinating with the developers for building the web applications perfectly, Play also provides a wide range of IDEs, plug-ins and testing tools.

Spring MVC

Spring MVC is one of the most in demand frameworks of Java that is responsible to simplify the tasks like web service creation, security and database integration. The present version of Spring MVC framework carries a command line technology with the help of which the developers may run prototype web applications and Groovy scripts without any delay.


The Java web services and applications can be easily built by the developers using the latest version of Dropwizard framework. This tool not only increases the security and compatibility of the application but also helps the users to monitor the behaviour of the code through metric libraries.


For single page web applications in Java, it becomes difficult for the developers to write its server-side components. Here comes the role of Vaadin that possesses a wide range of customized HTML components for smooth business applications. With the help of its tools, the developers may create the more mobile-friendly applications.

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This high-end tool supports various operating systems like Linux, Windows etc and the users may conveniently customize this framework through various extensions and plug-ins. XML Editors and tools, Code recommenders tools, Maven integration, windows builder etc are some of the important features of Eclipse.

GWT or Google Web Tool Kit

With the help of Google Web tool kit, the programmers could be able to compile Java code into JavaScript and this will enhance the performance and accessibility of the website. The elements like Java APIs, compiler, widgets and development server are used by GWD to deploy the code as JavaScript.


NetBeans helps the developers to create various Java applications successfully through its smart features of code editing, debugger, GUI development tools and profiler. Apart from Java, this toll supports various other programming languages also. Moreover, the programmers can easily use NetBeans to update the existing web applications to Java 8.


Grails is the tool written in Groovy programming language and the developers can conveniently integrate the same with Java Virtual Machine or JVM. This framework can get extended through plug-ins (either customized or existing). NoSQL, integrated ORM, compile-time meta-programming etc are some of its useful features.

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JSource is the lightweight IDE which is created to allow the programmers to edit, compile and run various Java files appropriately. Not only this, the developers may easily integrate JSource with other Java tools and frameworks.

Learn the use of all such tools and technologies by getting trained and skilled at some highly recognized Java Training Institute.

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