Is learning robotics a burden for kids?

The education world is constantly evolving. We have gone from chalk and duster to laptops and tablets in only a few years. Every type of progress, including the one that is in education, has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Parents have learned that technology is the way forward, and hence, they are putting every effort to make their child technologically sound. This means that students are burdened with aspects like coding and robotics that are not a part of the learning systems. 

So, asking – is robotics for kids safe, or is it a burden, is right? The answer can vary from parent to parent. And student to student. While some children like to spend some additional amount of time apart from their general studies to learn about things like robotics, others are not. This doesn’t mean that parents cannot ask them to give it a try. When children try to learn robotics, it is ultimately upon the teacher to grasp the kid’s attention. There are institutes like robokidz that have a series of classes that engage students in robotics. 

However, after everything, if the student doesn’t find robotics interesting, they should not be forced. Neither by the parents nor by the teachers. online robotics course for kids is excellent, but only if the student pleases to learn. There is one other way that learning robotics can be easy for children. It’s integrating robotics classes in the school’s timetable. In other words, making it a part of the school’s education for children. This way they at least have a basic understanding of robotics that can be applied by them in the future. 

But how can we do that? How can schools have robotics classes? The answer is ATAL labs. It is one of the latest ways of education. Just like a science and biology lab, an ATAL lab helps children with STEAM learning. Through these labs, students can learn various aspects of science, technology, art, and mathematics interestingly. 

These labs are perfect for schools that interest in taking their education game to the next level for their students. Instead of separate classes for children in robotics, through these labs, they can have an integrated class. It’s a win-win situation for both the school and the students. So, robotics for kids is not a burden if it is done at the right age and way. The labs operate for students between six and tenth standard. Around these classes, children are in their teens where such information helps them grow and make future decisions. 

If you are a parent, you should try to explore the interests of your child. Robotics is one of them, or it may not be. You can only know if you get them enrolled. You can also ask schools to adapt to robotics learning. If they do, you don’t have to make your children go through robotics sessions apart from the school’s curriculum. Children are after, all children and parents, and teachers need to help them find their way. 

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