I Just Got Fired: Now How to Deal with Monthly Expenses?

Getting fired is a terrible experience. The humiliation of losing a job is not the major problem; the main problem is how to deal with monthly expenses! A job brings with it an assured income every month. Based on the income you would have planned your expenses for the month and probably also save some money. A sudden loss of job can be catastrophic for your monthly budget. You don’t get to save money and you don’t even have money to spend for your needs. If you do not have sufficient savings then you can end up in a serious situation.

In this sort of a situation, an option that can help you is getting a payday loan. Getting a traditional loan is difficult in an urgent situation. The cumbersome procedures and complicated paperwork make getting a loan from a bank or financial institution quite difficult. This is where advance financial 24/7 interest rate can be helpful. A payday loan is a special type of loan meant for people who are in urgent need of money and need it fast.

Payday Loan

Payday Loan – The Basics

A payday loan is a short term loan given to people who are in urgent need of money. The loan is given for a small amount from $100 to $1000. It is usually given for a period of 14 days (up to a maximum of 31 days). This loan is given to people who have a fixed income every month. The concept behind this loan is that a person getting a salary or fixed income every month will be able to repay the loan taken this month after receiving the next month’s salary. 

The loan is easy and convenient to get. There are no documents to be submitted, no collateral required, no guarantor needed, and no credit check done. The loan can be obtained within 24 hours, if the application is in order. It is easy to get the loan by applying online. The loan carries high interest rates and the APR varies from lender to lender. The APR is decided based on the state norms.

Getting a Payday Loan if you have Lost your Job

You can get 24 hours payday loans Las Vegas easily and conveniently when you apply online. A question you may have is that this loan is meant for those who have a job and salary. So, how can someone who has lost his/her job get a payday loan?

Payday loans are meant for people with fixed income, which could be salary or any other income. Lenders understand the needs of people who need urgent money and will be ready to lend to others too. Someone who has lost his/her job may be actively searching for a job and may have even landed a job. However, he/she has to wait until next month to get the paycheck. For such a person, it is easy getting the payday loan based on the new job status, since he/she would repay the loan on receiving the first paycheck in the new company.

Others who have lost a job may have some other ways of repaying a loan. For instance, they may be getting money from some source (like a bank deposit or assistance from family/friends). They may need a payday loan until the time they get that time. If they can prove to the lender that they have a reliable way of repaying the loan, then lenders will be ready to lend to them.

Here’s how you can get a payday loan if you have no job:

  1. Apply online so your loan application is forwarded to multiple lenders, increasing your chance of getting a loan.
  2. Interact with the lender and convince that you can repay the loan even if you have no job.
  3. The lender may do a credit check to verify your record of repaying loans.
  4. Once the lender is convinced, the loan is approved and you will receive the amount directly to your bank account

Getting a payday loan is easy even if you have been fired. All you need to do is convince the lender of your ability to repay the loan. 

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