How You Can Achieve Better Sleep at Night: All Secrets revealed

Have you got tired of rolling and turning all over your bed at night?
A peaceful sleep at night is just as important as a daily workout regimen and a healthy diet. Irregular sleep can not only have instant negative effects on your hormones but also affects your mental health. It can also encourage weight gain and increase health risks in both children and adults.

In contrast, good sleep can help you remain energetic, healthier, positive, and productive. In recent years, both sleep quality and duration has declined, and the majority of people are unable to have a sound sleep. So, if you want to maintain your health and remain super active, then getting quality sleep is one of the essential things you can do.

5 proven tips to sleep better at night

Here are five proven tips to sleep better at night and be more active and productive in the morning:

Avoid Irregular Daytime Naps

While power naps are healthy, irregular or prolonged naps at daytime can have obstructive effects. It can confuse your in-built clock, means that you may find it difficult to sleep at night. Even having long naps can leave you to feel sleepy and lazy all the time.

However, if you take 30 minutes’ daytime nap, it can benefit you whereas longer naps can imbalance your body functions. Thus, if you feel regular daytime naps are beneficial, you need not have to worry. Clearly, the effects vary from person to person.

Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Have you ever wondered you enjoy your night sleep more in hotel bedrooms?

It is because of the clean and comfortable environment you get, which involves the quality of the mattress, sheets, pillows, etc. Comfortable bedding is one of the most significant aspects of getting good sleep. It can actually reduce back pain, headache, and enhance your sleep quality.

However, buying the best mattress and bedding from the mattress stores depends on your personal preferences. It is advisable that you revamp your bedding at least every six to eight years.

Do Not Consume a Lot of Caffeine

Do you know that while caffeine has some amazing benefits, it has some adverse effects too?

While a small dose can boost your energy, but when consumed late in the night, it triggers your nervous system and may stop you from getting a sound sleep. Therefore, having multiple cups of coffee after the evening is not recommended, mainly if you are too sensitive to caffeine.

Take A Bath at Night

A relaxing bath in the night is another popular method to sleep tight. Taking a bath before going to bed, wash out all your stress and thus improve entire sleep quality, especially to adults. This remedy is getting more popular among people in several countries.

Another great alternative is to wash your feet using lukewarm water if you don’t have time to take a complete bath at night. It simply relaxes your body, mind, and gives you a better sleep.

Meditation and Regular Exercise

If you haven’t tried this effective remedy, do try this time. Following pre-sleep regimen like massaging your head for a few minutes just before going to bed works pretty well. Many people also like to include other activities such as meditation, reading a book, listening to soft music, etc. These techniques even work well for insomniacs. So, try these methods and find out which one suits you the best.


Sleep plays a fundamental role in your overall health. A study says that 3–5% of the final proportion of obesity in adults is caused due to short sleep.

If you are really concerned about your health and wellbeing, you should take it as the priority and incorporate some of the above tips!

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