How to use a proxy for scraping?

Web scraping involves sending multiple requests from a single IP address to a server to gather data. Such activity may appear suspicious and could lead to being blocked by the operator. Even with a 4G proxy cheap solution, you can obtain a dynamic IP address and continue data collection without the risk of being blocked or encountering other issues. More advanced solutions can even hide the IP address and ensure autonomy. So, if you are considering whether to buy proxies for web scraping and whether it will ease your work, the answer is clear: it is a step that allows you to work more efficiently and productively, bypassing significantly fewer potential obstacles.

What is web scraping?

This term generally refers to any data retrieval from websites: automated access processes, gathering databases for further sorting and analysis, extracting various data, and so on. It is often necessary to resort to web scraping when the target website does not offer an API. Instead, data is extracted from HTML, less frequently from PDF files and documents stored in other formats.

When is web scraping used?

Business purposes for web scraping can vary widely. It is mainly used for monitoring competitors’ prices and marketing offers, conducting marketing research, creating a customer database, and understanding which promotional campaigns or offers will appeal to specific target audiences. Therefore, web scraping is used as one of the tools for in-depth analytics, helping businesses stay up-to-date with the times and not fall behind competitors.

How does a proxy simplify the web scraping process?

Web scraping proxy comes in three types: local servers, proxies from internet providers, and data center proxies, offering high performance at a reasonable price. Proxies allow you to send unlimited requests to the server, granting access even to regionally restricted content, bypassing bots and Captcha protection, and significantly speeding up the web scraping process. This is achieved because proxies store a cached version of the website, so new requests are sent to this version, resulting in much faster data retrieval without waiting for the necessary information to load.

How to use proxies for web scraping?

Paid proxies open up numerous useful possibilities for businesses. They provide round-the-clock support, work faster and more reliably, effectively hide or change IP addresses, and help avoid blocking. With proxy purchases, companies access up-to-date data, enabling them to make informed business decisions and optimize their operations according to ever-changing market conditions. You can conduct market research, measure consumer sentiments, optimize sales strategies and service packages, and achieve better results in any field of activity.

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