How to take a perfect photo?

Everybody likes to take photos. There are some rules and tips that can significantly increase the quality of photos. These are essentials of composition, divine proportion and several other dogmas that define the composition.

Most of the people consider the camera to be the major reason for good photos. However, it is far from being the truth. It plays a significant role but the experience and skills of the photographer play an even more crucial role.

Having bought a new camera one managed to improve the colors and quality of the pictures but made pictures do not attract both family and friends and possible clients. What to do in this case if there is already a new expensive camera and enables even amateur to take good photos?

Imagine a situation two people take a photo of the same sight but the first picture is full and literally “dead” while the second picture attracts the view and enliven every object on it. The second one may have a better camera or a larger experience. These factors influence the photos as well but the second photography probably knows basic rules of composition and how to “build” a shot. A good photo is not just “point and shoot”. Just a few rules, used separately or combined will allow one to take photos that are much more expressive and beautiful than those who disregard these tips.

Composition In Photos

The composition can be defined as a harmonious arrangement of objects on the photo by means of which photos become alive and meaningful and photographer proves his/her skills. With regard to the shot, object photographers can customize their arrangement or choose a certain point to perform a shoot. That’s why the arrangement is very important to create perfect pictures and skillful photographers know how to select it appropriately.

Most of the photos are distinguished by good compositions regardless of the chosen shoot point but the composition is usually created by a photographer with regard to the object and other crucial features. The first thing to pay attention to is divine proportion, in other words, lines that determine the frame of the future photo. It is not easy but each attempt will grand experience to develop photographing skills.

It would be also relevant to include such components of compositions like light and perspective that also seriously influence the quality of the photo but disregarded by the amateurs. Concerning the light, its angle and intense should be considered to make the photo more bright and clear. Perspective can add some magic to simple objects. That is why it is very important that you should consider choosing the ring light for selfies of photoshoots as this will help you give the perfect and beautiful result and effect of the photos.

For example, make a small object huge and magnificent.

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The more photos one will take the faster he/she will be able to define the correct composition, choose the appropriate location of the object on the photo automatically or unconsciously. Beyond the reasonable doubt, the composition is a complex “science” that requires a lot of time to master it. Moreover, it is also a subject of multiple books intended to teach newly arrived photographers to choose an appropriate composition. However, there are only a few basic rules that can significantly increase the quality of the photos:

  1. Simple composition;
  2. divine proportion;
  3. guidelines in the frame;
  4. a balanced composition of the frame;
  5. perspective and coordination;
  6. major objects should be separated from the background.

Processing of made photos also significantly increase the quality of shots since sometimes places where the photos were taken do not allow to play with light or small space disables to choose a good point. That’s why post-processing of pictures can fix all the flaws of the photographer or compensates lack of light or space.

Being a photographer is definitely a very interesting and creative occupation since it allows shooting people the way you see this world and freeze the most beautiful moments in time. This is a perfect hobby and a good way to earn money, Also owning a photo studio would help you in more stable earning. Moreover, there are plenty of awards to properly evaluate their contribution to the art of photography. At least these skills enable to take high-quality pictures of family and friends.

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