How to Ship Cars Across the Country

Many people relocate to a new state for a career, new adventures, or to be closer to family and must transfer their cars and belongings. Problems are possible while transporting a vehicle across the nation. Some people may be intimidated by the idea of traveling a long distance alone.

Alternatives exist for automobile movers. Whether you have a lot on your plate, want to reduce the kilometers your vehicle gathers during the transfer, or simply don’t have time to worry about another problem, auto moving aid makes this process stress-free and fast.

Hiring an International Auto Transport Service to Get Your Car There

Relocating families may ship their cars across states or cities. Carriers provide 500–700 kilometers daily, taking 1–9 business days after booking. many offer lengthier pickup and delivery timeframes. Some firms provide time-sensitive pickup and delivery services at a premium.

What happens when the car shipping firm arrives at the pickup location? The carriers undergo thorough background checks to ensure you get top-notch service. Carrier trucks will properly load and transport your automobile on schedule.

Moving a Car Across Country

When you are looking to ship cars cross-country, consider the following steps.

1. Locate a few shipping companies online and contact them. Find a car transportation company using the search bar in your browser.  Look through the results for a nationwide shipping firm that offers interstate shipping for cars. The next step is to visit their website by clicking the provided link and learning more about their services.

2. When relocating across the nation, it’s often best to hire a full-service moving company. They not only move vehicles but also provide relocation services.

3. Your automobile will be placed on an open trailer by the carrier. Your automobile will be left out in the weather, but it should be OK. Taking autos on this route is commonplace to move them across great distances. If your automobile is not of extreme value, you should ship it via an open carrier.

4. Your automobile will be one of seven to nine on the carrier. Open carriers transporting automobiles to dealerships are a common sight.

5. Make advantage of a full-service moving company if you’re making a cross-country relocation. All in one place, a full-service moving company can take care of transporting all of your household goods. Find a moving firm that operates on a nationwide level. Make sure to include car shipping in your moving plans.

6. Please take pictures of your automobile to use as proof of its condition. Check for dings and scrapes, but otherwise, make sure your automobile looks good. The next step is to photograph your car from all angles. If your car is damaged, you will need photos documenting the damage to submit with your insurance claim.

7. Within 14 days, your automobile will have reached its destination. If you’re shipping your car across the nation, expect an arrival time of more than a week. Maintain your calm while you wait for your automobile to arrive. The timeliness of common shipping methods is detailed below.

8. If you’ve arranged to have your automobile picked up from a terminal, do so on the scheduled pickup day. To avoid paying terminal fees, ensure you know when to pick up your car. Given the flexibility of the delivery date, you might expect a pickup window. Bring your identification, registration, and ownership to pick up the automobile.

Factors To Consider 


In an ideal situation, reservations would be made many months in advance. To transport a vehicle quickly, you may pay a little more and choose priority service (for either the pickup or the delivery).


You are aware of the hidden fees associated with cross-country auto transport, so you need to choose a firm that employs only reliable vehicle carriers with prior expertise in cross-country auto transport. This way, you know your automobile is being transported by reliable experts who will use every precaution to deliver it on time and in pristine condition.


Some don’t have internet tracking yet, but it’s on the way! Until they roll out a nationwide transport vehicle monitoring capability, you must maximize the data you collect.


Choose your service provider carefully. Don’t rush this process; getting quotations from several carriers should take at least a day or two. When in doubt, it’s best to inquire more. You may post your query or browse existing ones on the company’s Q&A board.

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