How To Make Sugar Cane Alcohol

Ethanol can be manufactured from fluids and fruits with sugar, which gives rise to organic sugar cane, an excellent product for generating liquor because it has a lot of sugar. Sugar cane does well in tropical atmospheres where the climate is warm and often humid. Sugar cane can be eaten as it is, or you can prepare juice out of it, and if you want to make ethanol using sugar cane juice, you can add yeast. With this, you can get sugar cane, liquor or wine.

What is sugar cane alcohol? 

Sugar cane booze can be manufactured by using fresh sugar cane juice or by allowing cane sugar to ferment. Can sugar consists of sugar granules that are formulated from sugar cane. When you ferment sugar cane at home, you will end up with sugar cane wine. When you distil it, it veers into rum with increased liquor content. There are very many categories of organic alcohol made from sugar cane. One of them is Mekong whiskey, which is more of a rum-type liquor than whiskey. Mekong, emanated in Thailand, is manufactured by fermenting sugar cane juice and rice together with local herbs. 

Formulating rum by fermentation and distillation 

After cutting sugar cane, it is separated into two buds and then ends up being buried. When you want to harvest your cane make sure it’s before the cane flowers sprout. The moment the stems have accumulated enough juice, it ends up getting cut into fractions and run several times through a series of mills. 

As you mash the branches, make sure you water them occasionally so that they can increase the juice in the sugarcane. The cane juice you extract from this strategy is known as vesou, and its liquid is the basis of molasses. The fermenting sugar cane juice or molasses diluted with water involves yeast breaking down sugar and thus generating ethanol. Once the system is finished, the sugarcane juice has a liquor content of 5%, but when you use molasses, the alcohol content increases to 20%. 

Rhum Agricole

Rhum Agricole is elicited by fermenting sugarcane juice and this procedure gives rise to various scented mixtures. Sugar rum is formulated using molasses that has been diluted with water. Industrial rums are coloured by adding caramel. 

Uses of sugar cane alcohol 

Sugar cane booze serves as a vase for most alcoholic spirits. Even if sugar cane has a lot of sugar, the alcohol is not as sweet. This particular drink is not only manufactured for drinking but is also used by various food companies. It can be employed as a preservative or as a solvent for flavours. Moreover, sugar cane alcohol is also used to manufacture different medicines as well as cosmetics and fragrances. 


When making sugar cane alcohol, you want to make sure you pursue the steps above so that you can get the right product out of the whole process. The good thing about sugar cane alcohol is that it can be used for various purposes. 

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