How to Keep Customers Engaged: Must-Know Statistics

Savvy marketers know one universal truth: It’s much more cost-effective to keep existing customers than to earn new ones. And in the fast-moving digital marketing landscape, engagement is the key to keeping customers coming back for more of your brand’s products or services.

Customer engagement is a marketing strategy. Marketers use tactics like personalization, loyalty programs, and win-back emails to keep customers interested in their brand’s products and services. If you’ve ever received an email that said “We miss you! Come back today for 60% off” or a push notification that read “You’re just 5 points away from a free item”, you were on the receiving end of a customer engagement strategy.

The visual below serves up some key statistics that show why customer engagement plays an essential role in digital marketing. 

Customer Engagement: How to Build Loyalty and Retain Your Customers
Infographic by CleverTap

Many of the best customer engagement examples from top brands demonstrate how well these strategies work to keep customers surprised, delighted, impressed, and coming back for more.

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