How to Hire Salesforce Developers for a Startup?  The A-Z Guide!

Customer is the bread and butter for any business, therefore to generate good revenues then ensure to keep your customers satisfied and happy. Hence, to maintain the quality one of the best solutions could be to adopt Salesforce CRM implementation in the organization. It seems always good to automate your business processes, so it is easy to implement and can hire a Salesforce Developer to take care of technical complications if any arise.

The market surveys depict that most of the startups and medium-scale businesses do not strategize their customer needs. Evidently, developing a deeper and more personalized customer relationship will help to retain them longer and attract more customers as well. 

Thus, the Salesforce CRM business solution is incredibly useful in customizing systems for customers. It is one of the most appropriate and reliable CRM solutions available in the market. 

So, if you are an entrepreneur and looking for reliable business automation, then prefer Salesforce Implementation and even you can hire a Salesforce development company to keep the Salesforce automation process streamlined. Let’s learn in detail how to hire a Salesforce developer. 

How do developers work in the world of Salesforce?

With Salesforce, you can build solutions using a combination of no-code tools and code. The right tools for the right task. We call this low-code development. Through no-code customizations, developers solve some requirements without coding. This means when they do code, they end up writing less repetitive or boilerplate code.

Salesforce products are expensive, covering sales, service, marketing, analytics, commerce, and more. Every part of Salesforce exposes APIs. Developers use these to create web apps on Heroku, supercharge their integration with MuleSoft, or even customize one of the standard applications. It’s fair to say that any developer can be a Salesforce Developer.

Benefits Of Hiring Developers For Your Startup

1. Cost-Effective

The first and most prominent benefit of hiring offshore developers is the saving of as much as 60% in your overall development costs. By hiring offshore developers, you save on

  • Hiring costs
  • Infrastructure and workstation setup
  • Employee benefits

2. Fastest Turnaround time

Hiring tech talent for a startup in an offshore destination ensures a quick turnaround of your project as a team of dedicated experts work on software development.

3. Perfect for Short and Long-term Projects

Hiring offshore developers comes with zero commitment. Depending on your project requirement, you can hire them for weeks, months, and even years.

4. Flexibility

When hiring programmers for startups in an offshore development setup, you enjoy the flexibility of hiring in a fixed, monthly, and hourly engagement model to meet your development. You can also create a hybrid engagement combining any two or all three models.

5. High-Quality Solutions

With a team of highly skilled programmers working dedicatedly on your project, you get high-quality development with uncompromising code quality.

The aforementioned factors clearly depict that hiring offshore developers is the right way for startups to accelerate their software development.

Why do developers want to work with startups?

Why do skilled Salesforce developers want to work with early-stage startups when they could get a higher-paid job at a well-established company? 60% of employees are happy working at a startup. The top four reasons are:

1. Better growth opportunities

The first reason developers like to work with startups is that they have better growth opportunities. As startups evolve quickly, the job descriptions will also change fast, giving programmers a chance to work and grow their skills in different areas.

2. Building a solid tech stack

Startup founders need a robust tech stack for building the company. It is an excellent chance for the developers from Salesforce app development companies as they solve big problems and choose the technology stack from day one. 

3. Freedom to showcase skills

Another reason that attracts Salesforce app developers to startups is the autonomy they would not get from big brands. As the company is small and has fewer people on the team, it provides open doors to people for self-leadership and to take the front foot.  

4. The mission of the company

As per Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers consider the company’s mission and purpose before applying. Startups have a solid mission to solve big problems, and it attracts developers as they work with great minds. 

Where to find and hire Salesforce Developers?

The demand for Salesforce Developers is incredibly high compared to the supply. There’s a tremendous software developer shortage in today’s market.

This is because attaining certification in the Trailhead program is challenging and most developers opt for another specialty. However, this doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find. It’s just a matter of looking in the right places.

1. Referrals

You can start by looking at the closest places. Word of mouth goes a long way. So if you have friends or family in the IT industry, you might be closer to your potential Salesforce Developer than you think. Ask around your social group if they can refer you to someone who knows something about the Salesforce grounds.

2. Job Posting Sites

Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs and We Work Remotely are just some of the most popular online job sites you can find developers in. These sites are great for finding developers with all kinds of experience and expertise.

3. Social Media Accounts

Social sites like LinkedIn are incredibly useful in finding potential candidates. You can directly view the applicant’s credentials and message directly about the job.

Here are some of the basic skills a Salesforce Developer should be familiar with:

  • – This is considered as Salesforce’s official platform that’s organized and built for fast and convenient application development.
  • Lightning App Builder – Another official platform with even faster features.
  • Heroku – Enables building applications in different programming languages.
  • Fuel – For building applications specifically geared for marketing.

8 Effective Steps to Hire Salesforce Developers for Startup

Below are the 8 simple steps for the hiring process of Salesforce app developers for a startup to build your development team.

1. Define your Business Requirements

The first and foremost step is to specify your project requirement in terms of:

  • Product delivery- whether you wish to build MVP or full-fledged products.
  • Operating system- iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

2. Decide on the Location

The second step in hiring offshore developers is deciding the country and city where you wish to hire the resources for your project. Though the cost is an important factor, it should not be the only thing to consider when choosing the location. Factors such as:

  • Developer Population
  • Availability of resources in emerging technologies
  • Technologies that are available in the market
  • Government stability and foreign policies
  • Geopolitical landscape
  • Employment landscape

3. Decide on the Engagement Model

Once you have shortlisted the location, decide which employment model of hiring an offshore team you would want to implement. Fixed cost,  monthly rates, or hourly rates. 

Suppose your project has a straightforward requirement with little to no scope for deviation. In that case, the fixed cost may be the right choice, but if the development requires constant updates and changes, opt for a more flexible setup like monthly or hourly engagement.

You also enjoy the flexibility of hiring resources part-time when you hire offshore developers.

4. Finding the Right Developers

When hiring an offshore team of developers for your budding business, you will come across various options like job portals, freelancer platforms, professional networks, and offshore development companies. Unless you have the required expertise in technologies and market knowledge, it is preferred that you opt to work with trusted offshore partners to build a successful and scalable team for your development project.

With a pre-vetted large talent pool, an offshore software development company can provide you with extensive options of resources to choose from for your project.

5. Skill Assessment

Once you have shortlisted the candidates, carry out extensive background checks and skill assessment tests of the candidates. 

Evaluate their experience based on the number of years in the industry and industry served, number of successful projects delivered, and learning graph or how often and how well they have made an effort to stay up to date on the new and emerging technologies.

This process will help you weed out the candidates that don’t match your business needs, leaving you with a more refined group of individuals to choose from.

6. Interview the Candidates

Interviews carried out in person or over video calls are a great way to assess their technical, team, managerial, and soft skills, providing you with a holistic view of the developers. Through interviews, you can assess the personality of the remote developer and gauge if they are the right fit for your company as per the job description.

7. Onboarding and Training

When hiring offshore developers, company induction and training are very critical as the team would be operating remotely. You must plan detailed sessions where the hired developers are trained on the project, work process, hierarchy, workflows, and frameworks. 

8. Kick off the Project

Once you have selected and trained your dream team of developers for a startup project, it’s time to start your project development. Build well-defined delivery timelines and feedback mechanisms to ensure seamless communication between in-house and offshore teams.

The Bottom Line on Hiring a Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developers every now and then have to go through a lot of issues and without a doubt the futuristic problems as well. These developers work on different software and manage the backend database of the Salesforce CRM solutions.

Likewise, as a business owner if you are also looking to hire a Salesforce developer, then explore the best options to find the perfect candidate that caters to your requirements. 

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