How to create apps like Ola: Benefits, Costs, and Features

Many business owners seek out reputable mobile app developers to develop apps for taxi booking services. Creating a taxi booking app takes creative and careful development. There are many things to consider when developing a mobile app that allows customers to book their taxis. Let’s look at some statistics about the same before diving in.

  • Uber had four billion rides in 2017. It is an increase of the two billion Uber took in May 2016. This staggering figure is expected to increase. Your company can grow similarly to Uber if you invest in branded taxi development.
  • Ola’s outstanding on-demand service will grow by 6.3% CAGR between 2022-2024.
  • Ola generated $340 million in revenue last fiscal year.
  • Uber has become a well-known taxi-hailing service all over the world. In 2020, Uber had 18.7 million trips per day.
  • Uber has evolved from a mode of transportation to a verb. In response to Uber’s market dominance, other app developers created several Uber clone applications.

Mobile apps are used by over 85% of businesses as more people use smartphones. There is no better time or better choice than the present. Learn more about Ola development.

How do Ola and other similar Taxi Apps work?

  1. You can book a taxi using an app. Simply enter the pickup address and destination address.
  2. Once the trip is over, passengers must pay the entire fare.
  3. The base fare and distance travelled are the two factors that determine the taxi fare.
  4. The app allows users to rate and discuss drivers’ performance. Drivers can speak out about their interactions with customers.

The Advantages of Apps Like Ola and Uber

#1 Customer Benefits

  • Customers can use the taxi app on their smartphone to download and use whenever they like. They can book a taxi at any hour of the night. It is one of the best benefits users can get at any hour.
  • The driver’s name, contact information, and photo ID will be provided to the user when they use an app to request a taxi. They won’t need to worry about safety. They can also sue for the driver’s information if they feel unsafe. It will provide more protection.
  • There are many taxi booking apps available on the market. There are many options for payment, including cash, debit cards, wallets, net banking, and other methods. You can pay for the trip using your preferred payment method.
  • Each taxi app offers discounts and promotions in a competitive market to attract more customers. A taxi app can be a great way to save money than public transport.

#2 Driver Benefits

  • It is not a good idea for drivers to waste gas or time looking for passengers in the city. They can stay until they receive a booking, and then they may leave.
  • GPS-equipped cars can navigate to different locations easily without getting lost or needing assistance from others.
  • Drivers don’t have to keep much cash or change. Payments can be made online or via mobile wallets.
  • The driver can also rate and review each passenger. Drivers can also rate and review each passenger, helping them to help other drivers.
  • With GPS, drivers can reach exact locations quickly and without any delays. They only need to move if they have a book.

#3 App Owner Benefits

  • It is easy to view system reports and control all systems, allowing you to generate business ideas for potential strategies.
  • GPS tracking technology can be used to locate and track your taxi driver.
  • To increase brand strength and user numbers, you can increase the number of drivers in your local area.
  • You earn a commission for each journey.

Essential Features to be Added

These features are essential for Ola clone app developers who want to manage ride-hailing businesses.

Register or Login

App development companies are working hard to create an app that allows users to sign up via social sign-ups and OTP verifications. Please include it in your Ola clone.

GPS Location

Users must be able to track the cab’s location after booking it. It can be done by pining the pickup and dropoff points.

Fare Estimation

You can book a taxi online by entering the distance covered and the estimated fare.

Push Notifications

Customers should be able to send details to drivers and receive push notifications about special offers and discounts via mobile apps like Ola or Uber.

Trip History

This feature and its functions should allow users to see all past ride details and payment history.

Driver Reviews and Rating

Customers might expect to leave reviews about their taxi journeys due to the advanced features of apps such as Ola or Uber. Don’t forget to include the review!

Payment Integration

The taxi booking mobile application’s payment feature allows users to pay drivers quickly and securely.

Drivers Profile

The taxi app lets you view the taxi driver’s details, including his phone and phone numbers.

Ola Clone App Cost

Many factors will determine the cost of creating an Ola-like application.

  • Taxi booking app development company
  • The total number of features to be included
  • Use of cutting-edge technology
  • The complexity of the project
  • Design of a taxi app like Ola, Uber, or Cross-platform

All the above factors will affect the development costs for taxi apps. To get the best possible services, analyze your needs and set a budget.

Key Takeaway

Today, every taxi business has a taxi app. These apps provide many benefits to their business, such as increased market awareness and consumer reach. They also allow for service delivery.

You must be cautious when creating a taxi booking application. You must conduct extensive market research to keep your app’s target audience interested. Before choosing the best company to develop your pickup and drop app, ensure you have a detailed list of all the requirements. The rest will be taken care of by your taxi app development company.

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