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How to choose your next hairstyle with your barber

next hairstyle with your barber

Choosing the best hairstyle that’ll suit you perfectly is something you should give proper attention to before going under the barbers’ scissors. Think about it, you wouldn’t want to look dumb, old-fashioned, or look stupid rather than having a sharp and appealing look after you’re done with your haircut.

That’s why it’s always best to talk with your professional barber to help you choose the hairstyle that’s best for you. You can get the best haircut at Scout’s Barbershop.

How your barber can help you choose your next hairstyle

Most people do this on their own. They just pick a hairstyle they think will look good on them — probably copied from others.

Most times it works and they get a decent look, but in other cases, their choice turns out to be a “thumb’s down”. But you don’t have to worry about that if you can work things out with your barber. 

The most important factor to consider when choosing a suitable hairstyle is your face shape. 

There are six different types of face shape. You can have either an oval, round, oblong/rectangular, heart, square, or diamond face shape. To help you choose your next hairstyle, the first thing your barber will do is to determine your face shape.

How to determine your face shape

You can determine your face shape by taking the following measurements, using tape.

  1. Forehead: This is done by placing the tape across your face, and measuring from the peak of the left eyebrow arch to the peak of the right eyebrow arch.
  1. Cheekbones: done by placing the tape starting from the outer angle of the left or right eye ( whichever side you choose to start from), stretching the tape over the bridge of your nose, down to the outer angle of the other eye.
  1. Jawline: your jawline is gotten by placing the tape at the corner of your jaw which lies below the ear, and measuring up to the tip of your chin. The number obtained will then be multiplied by two.
  1. Face length: your face length is measured by placing the tip of the tape at the center of the hairline on the forehead and running it down to the tip of your chin.

When your barber has taken these measurements, he will compare them with a standard that is used to identify each of the face shapes.

Oval face: with this shape, the length of the face is more than the width, and the forehead is usually the widest part of the face.

Square: in a square face, the length to width ratio of the face is almost one to one. The vertical and horizontal lengths are equal. It is also characterized by a strong angled jaw, with a less curved chin.

Round: the ratio of the length and width of the face is about equal, with rounded features. In people with a round face, the cheeks are usually the widest part of the face.

Heart: in this shape, the chin is pointed and slimmer. The forehead is wider, it usually has a shape that looks like an inverted triangle.

Oblong/triangular: in people with this shape, the width of their forehead, cheeks, and jawline are almost the same.

Diamond: in this shape, the forehead is more narrow, with high cheekbones and a pointy chin.

After determining your face shape, your barber will help you choose the hairstyle that suits you better. Trust me, you’re going to love it.

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