How to Apply for a Azerbaijan Visa?

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country and tourism is a growing industry in the country. The visa to Azerbaijan is easy to get as you can get the Azeri visa  easily in the minimum of time. The Azerbaijan visa is processed in less than 24 hours if you want to visit the country.

The Azerbaijan embasy is also making it possible to process the visa even in holidays. The Azerbaijani visa is available now by the online submission of the application. This has made the whole processing of the visa easy for the applicants. The Azerbaijan embassy is providing the vis during the official holiday, if you require the visa in an emergency.

We are discussing the procedure How to Apply for a Azerbaijan Visa?

visa requirements for Azerbaijan: 

The Azeri visa authorities are  trying to make the process of the visa application for Azerbaijan as simple as possible. There are some critical steps on the applicant to process the visa Azerbaijan as quickly as possible and to avoid unnecessary delays for the visa:

The instructions and  documents for the issuance of the  Azerbaijan travel visa are as follows:

The Personal Passport of the Applicant: 

 A valid passport of the applicant is one of the basic documents for getting the visa for Azerbaijan. Make sure it  remains more than 6 months to expire, only such a passport is applicable. Visa to Azerbaijan would not be issued  if you are providing an expired passport. Azerbaijan visa do not allow a passport that remains less than 6 months to expiry. Such a passport is considered null and void for the processing of the Azeri visa.

A Valid Email ID: 

Most of the applicants are not familiar with the importance of your valid email ID. You should know all the correspondence about the discrepancies in the visa application for Azerbaijan is done via a valid email ID. It is critical to provide a valid email ID,  and  is in running condition. If you are providing an email ID for which you are finding difficulties to access it.It can create delays in the visa processing, try to provide a valid email ID.

The processing and the fee structure: 

Try to pay the visa Azerbaijan online  fee as quickly as possible.You can pay it via your credit/debit card and also by Paypal channel. The visa processing starts when you submit your fee, submit Azerbaijan online visa fee quickly.

Mode of processing:

Urgent mode:

The visa Azerbaijan can be processed on the urgent mode by submitting the processing fee of $ 105. It only takes less than 24 hours to process your visa.

The Fast mode:

For the fast mode you need to submit the processing fee of $ 75 and it only take less than 48 hours to process your visa. 

The Normal mode:

The Normal mode does take more than 3 days to process your Azeri visa. For the normal processing you need to submit the processing fee of $ 45. 


This can be great for you to choose the processing time according to your personal requirements. The visa Azerbaijan is just too easy to get if you are able to provide all the above documents just in time.

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