How Time-Lapse Technology Is Changing And Benefitting Construction

For most people, watching a construction site can be fascinating. The hustle of the task force as they move materials from one location to another and the ever-changing landscape can be awe-inspiring. However, it might be hard to watch and experience this in most cases as most construction projects usually take months, if not years.

Thus, innovators have been researching extensively to improve project management and execution in the construction industry. After many years of research, a more efficient technology was introduced to help project owners and managers understand progress in a construction project. Enter time-lapse technology.

This article discusses what you need to know about time-lapse technology. You’ll learn what time-lapse technology is and how it might revolutionize the construction industry. To find out more, continue reading.

What Is Time-Lapse Technology?

Time-lapse technology is an innovation that captures and uses still photos of a scene over a period of time and compresses them into a short video. Although time-lapse isn’t a new technology, it has recently gained popularity in the construction industry. When you play condensed events, you can understand the progress of a construction or demolition project more engagingly and fascinatingly.

Time-Lapse Technology Is Changing And Benefitting Construction

As a project manager, you can compress several years of construction work into a clip of just a few minutes. Through this, you can easily demonstrate the quality of your work to potential customers. It also provides an opportunity for clients to develop a deeper insight into the progress and how a construction project comes together.

Over the last few years, there have been several vendors you can choose from to facilitate the equipment to time-lapse your project. Due to the many available options, it can be hard to get a reputable vendor and you may lose your hard-earned bucks. It’s advisable, however, to conduct extensive research to ensure it’s accredited to provide the services. Also, it’s important to visit more than one vendor to understand the average price of time-lapse technology in your locality.

How Time-Lapse Technology Is Revolutionizing Construction Industry

The following are ways time-lapse technology is changing and benefiting the construction industry:

1. Improves Project Monitoring And Management

Project monitoring plays a huge role in the execution stage. Proper monitoring will ensure everything is running smoothly and according to plan. Installing time-lapse equipment on your construction site can help monitor activities. You can easily see and pinpoint several aspects of your project. For instance, you can check the productivity of your team members while on the site, how the materials are stored, and more. If you notice a lot of lags with your team members, you can easily take the necessary action. This may improve their productivity, guaranteeing you finish the site on time.

Thanks to technological advancement, you can integrate cloud services into your system. Hence, it becomes easier for you to monitor the construction site, regardless of location. This is beneficial if you have several sites to manage and monitor. You can do it from the comfort of your office and direct your project manager on what to do and how to do it.

2. It’s A Powerful Marketing Tool

This is another way how time-lapse technology is revolutionizing the construction industry. Marketing and developing compelling content has become integral to construction projects over the last few years. The time-lapse technology gives potential customers a sense of exclusivity, allowing them to view the whole project from start to finish in just a few minutes.

For many years, construction managers used finished projects to market their work. This might not be effective as it doesn’t show the steps taken for the building to grow from the ground up. However, a time-lapse technology will share all the details, which might help improve credibility, ultimately leading to a larger customer base.

3. Easy To Update Stakeholders

As a project manager, it can be challenging to update the stakeholders daily. Writing long reports increases the chances of making an error and may take most of your time, affecting efficiency. However, with time-lapse technology, you can easily compress construction work of many days or months into a clip for stakeholders to watch and understand the project’s progress.

Also, the short and coherent clip can be referred to in the future. Hence, it might be easy to locate inefficiencies and errors, helping the internal review process and streamlining the processes.

Bottom Line

As discussed above, time-lapse technology has revolutionized the construction industry over the last few years. With so many vendors offering these services, it can be hard to choose the ideal time-lapse solution for your business. However, conducting extensive research may help simplify the process and ensure you choose a reputable vendor for your project.

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