How Long Should A YouTube Channel Name Be?

Choosing the right YouTube channel name is an important part of building your brand and establishing your online presence. Your channel name should be memorable, catchy, and relevant to your content, but how long should it be? The question of how long a YouTube channel name should be is one that many creators ask themselves, as they try to strike a balance between being descriptive and concise. A shorter name may be easier to remember and more visually appealing, but a longer name may be more descriptive and help viewers better understand what your channel is about.

What Are Some Unique Youtube Names? 

If you’re looking for a unique and lucky name for your YouTube channel, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some people believe that certain words or phrases can bring good luck or success, so incorporating these into your channel name may help attract more viewers and subscribers. 

Sure, here are unique and catchy YouTube names that you could consider for your channel:

  1. BuzzfeedVideo
  2. Smosh
  3. The Slow Mo Guys
  4. Good Mythical Morning
  5. SoulPancake
  6. Vsauce
  7. How It Should Have Ended
  8. ASAPscience
  9. Game Theory
  10. The King of Random
  11. Simply Nailogical
  12. The Game Theorists
  13. The Film Theorists
  14. ThreadBanger
  15. The Brain Scoop
  16. Jenna Marbles
  17. MinutePhysics
  18. MinuteEarth
  19. MyHarto
  20. Nice Peter
  21. Rosanna Pansino
  22. Science Friday
  23. Screen Junkies
  24. Vsauce2
  25. Vsauce3
  26. Veritasium
  27. What’s Inside?
  28. Yolanda Gampp
  29. You Suck at Cooking
  30. Marques Brownlee
  31. Grant Thompson
  32. Mike Boyd
  33. Brave Wilderness
  34. Bon Appétit
  35. CaseyNeistat
  36. LinusTechTips
  37. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
  38. Vox
  39. The Try Guys
  40. MrBeast

These channel names vary in length, style, and content, but they all have one thing in common: they’re memorable and easy to remember.

Do Youtubers Copyright Their Name?

YouTubers do not have to register their channel name with the government to protect it, but they automatically have some legal rights to their name just by using it in their videos. Some YouTubers choose to register their channel name as a trademark with the government to get more legal protection and benefits, but it is not required.

Which Content Is Most Popular On YouTube?

There are many types of content that are popular on YouTube, but some of the most popular include:

  1. Entertainment: Videos that are funny, entertaining, and engaging are extremely popular on YouTube. This includes everything from comedy skits to music videos to vlogs.
  1. Education: YouTube is a great platform for learning, and educational content is very popular. This includes everything from tutorials to TED Talks to online courses.
  1. Product reviews and unboxing: People love to see reviews of products before they buy them, so product reviews and unboxing videos are very popular on YouTube.
  1. Gaming: Gaming is a huge industry on YouTube, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch gamers play popular games and share tips and tricks.
  1. Beauty and fashion: YouTube is also a popular platform for beauty and fashion content, including makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and product reviews.

Overall, the most popular content on YouTube is usually either entertaining or informative, and tends to cater to specific niches or interests

How Many Youtube Views Per Day Is Good?

The number of YouTube views per day that is considered “good” depends on various factors. For a new channel, even a few views are good to start with. An established channel should aim for around 10,000 views per day, although this can vary depending on the niche and content of the channel. It’s important to note that the number of views is not the only measure of success. Engagement, watch time, subscribers, and revenue are also important factors. The most important thing is to create good quality content that resonates with viewers and encourages them to interact with the channel.


When choosing a YouTube channel name, it’s important to strike a balance between being memorable and descriptive. There are many unique and catchy names to choose from, and YouTubers do not necessarily have to register their name to protect it. The most popular types of content on YouTube include entertainment, education, product reviews and unboxing, gaming, and beauty and fashion. Ultimately, success on YouTube is not just about the number of views, but also about engagement, watch time, subscribers, and revenue, which are all influenced by the quality of the content.

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