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How helpful is TaskRabbit like app Development?

TaskRabbit like app

TaskRabbit and Thumbtack are two-sided service-based marketplaces. TaskRabbit like app development or Thumbtack clone app development, has provided numerous possibilities that can benefit both the service provider and those in need of the same. The entrepreneurs who are looking to reap the benefits of the intensifying on-demand home service sector can do so with the taskrabbit clone script.

The On-demand service marketplace has provided the smartest way of getting home-based tasks done for users by connecting them with those on their toes to offer their services.

How on-demand service provider apps work?

The users of the app are divided into two groups:

TASKPOSTERS: Task posters are people who require immediate assistance for accomplishing home-based tasks such as cleaning, making deliveries, etc.

TASKDOERS: Taskdoers are gig workers/freelancers in and around the TaskPoster’s local area who are ready to offer their services 

Workflow of the app

  • The TaskPosters post a job that includes the type of service required
  • The TaskRabbit like app suggests three TaskDoers who meet the requirements along with their profile details and hourly rates. Notification is sent to the listed TaskDoers instantly
  • Based on the convenience of the TaskDoer, they can accept/reject the service request
  • After the job is completed, the TaskPoster can proceed with the payment and give ratings and reviews for the service provided to them.

Below listed are some of the most commonly used utility services on on-demand home service app

  • Installation of electronics, household appliances/devices
  • Lifting of heavy object/moving service
  • Gardening services
  • Dry cleaning
  • Furniture assembly
  • Delivery services
  • Hanging shelves 

What are the Must-have features of the TaskRabbit clone script?

BOOKING SERVICE: The booking section is the most crucial one where users can book for the service or schedule booking for a particular date or time. 

The booking feature enables the service provider to view the service request details. Based on their convenience, the service provider can accept/reject the order.

BOOKING HISTORY: This feature can enable the service provider to view all the booking orders in a single place. The booking history feature can allow the customers to get details about the time and date of the bookings made, name and contact info of the service providers, etc.

COMPREHENSIVE ADMIN PANEL: The admin panel can have features to ensure effective management of the app service. The admin controls and manages both the users & service provider profiles and establishes the interaction between them. Admin Dashboard, Fees and Price Management, Reporting and Data Analytics, Dedicated User Management, Service Provider Management are some of the essential options that you can include in the admin panel.

DETAILS ABOUT THE MARKETPLACE: You can provide a list of available services to your customers on the home screen of your on-demand home service app.

IN-APP MESSAGING: The In-app messaging feature can enable the customer to contact the service provider in real-time

INVOICE GENERATION: You can provide your customer with a detailed invoice for the completed service. The invoice generation can be automated and sent to the customer’s mail/contact number after the completion of the service

MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Customers can be allowed to make payments by choosing their preferable payment channels such as eWallets, debit/credit cards, pay-on-delivery, etc.

SERVICE PROVIDER TRACKING: The customer can track the location of the service provider after the request has been accepted that helps them to know how much time it will take for the service provider to arrive at their place

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Push notifications can be sent as alerts to the customers regarding the service booking or offers that ensures the customer’s interaction with the app all the time.

How can you make profits from a TaskRabbit clone app?

The business model supports multiple sources of income such as commission, advertisement, etc. Here are the primary ones,

Processing charge fees: You can fix a particular share as a commission fee on every job that’s posted and fulfilled on the app. The commission amount gets deducted from the service fees that the service provider will receive from the customers

Peak pricing: Services that are in high demand can be charged extra. You can yield this type of gains increasingly during festive periods.

Priority service: You can charge a priority service fee when the user requests for urgent and instant services. 

What will be the future of the on-demand service marketplace?

The services offered by these apps are required in the household on a daily basis that would make up for the fact that on-demand home services would get better and bigger as we move forward towards the technologically advanced future.

Over to you!

It is high time you enter into the on-demand service marketplace with a robust on-demand service marketplace script to make your entrepreneurial dream come into reality. Thumbtack clone app development will earn better revenue for you better day by day. Embark on this successful and seamless journey with a cutting-edge TaskRabbit clone script or Thumbtack clone script and get on your way to a successful business enterprise. 

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