How Does ‘Custom Plush Toys’ Make Brand Mascots?

The custom plush toy manufacturing that creates amazing brand mascots is a process comprising several stages including both automatic and manual labor. In this guide, every step of the plush toy manufacturing process is explained, from designing a sample to mass production. This will help you know how custom plush toy manufacturers work dedicatedly to offer you a face that represents your entire business. 

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7 Steps Of Manufacturing Custom Plush Toys

Step#1: Creating a sample

The professionals at Custom Plush Toys create a sample of the product that the client is looking for. They do not proceed to mass production without getting approval for the sample. Thus, every time you place an order for a new plush, ask the factory you want to work with to develop a sample. They will only require drawings of your imaginative ideas, blueprints, or pre-existing models to replicate the sample. This is because it will help you get an idea of how your plush will look.

Step#2: Choose the fabric & its cutting

After finalizing a design or a sample, it is time to begin mass production of promotional plushies. And the first step is to select the fabric that you want to use to make your brand mascots. Once you select the cloth its accurate cutting will be the next step

Well, there are various ways to cut a fabric such as using a machine or mold, or a laser cutting machine. Typically, these machines are used when the fabric is needed to be cut with great attention and accuracy. Laser machinery is highly precise that cuts the fabric into small and fine sizes.

Step#3: Sewing the parts

Once all the fabric is cut it is taken to the sewing department. Mostly custom plush toy factories have their own sewing department workers and sewing machines. This work is purely manual labor. Workers will stitch the different parts of the fabric together using a sewing machine.

Well, some fabrics require embroidery, and some clients demand additional embroidery on the mascot. In both cases, they will be embroidered before being sewn to the rest of the fabric. Embroidery machines are purely automated and operate significantly faster depending on the complexity of the embroidery required.

Step#4: Joining the parts –

As soon as the embroidery is finished, the fabric needs to be sewn together to get a full plush body shape. Additional parts such as hair, feet, etc, would be sewn at this time to create the desired plush design. The label or logo will be attached at this stage.

Step#5: Stuffing –

A crucial step in the production of plush toys is the stuffing, referring to the inside of the plush toy. All plush toys are stuffed with material to make the plush bulky and give it the body volume required and should be in the same proportion as the entire order. This requires great attention or else the promotional plush toys will be bulkier than others, which may end up giving a strange look to the final product.

Step#6: Testing –

The companies have their testing team who perform quality control checks on the manufactured units. The team checks the products for their strength, quality, and, to find any defective parts. The staff members will pull on plush limbs and edges to ensure that the stitching is sufficiently strong to avoid the separation of parts. If any part of the toy is found defective it will be discarded. 

Step#7: Packing –

The last step of the production process is packing. Make sure to use strong carton boxes to avoid damage to the goods during shipment. The most basic way of packing is to seal each piece in a polybag and place several units inside a large carton box.

If an order requires high-end packaging then each piece of plush will have its own packaging with a full-color print requested by the customer. This kind of packaging is a little expensive that increases the freight costs of the order. However, it will make your custom plushies stand on the retail shelf! 

How Custom Plush Toys Can Help You?

The company has a team of professional custom plush toy manufacturers who have years of experience. They will help you right from the selection to the production of a brand mascot for your business.

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