Health Workers As The Frontline Of Community Health

Health workers have an important role to improve the quality of maximum health services to the community so that the community can increase awareness, willingness, and ability to live healthy so that the highest degree of health will be realized as an investment for the development of human resources that are socially and economically productive as well as one element of the general welfare.

WHO reports that health workers contribute up to 80% of the success of health development. Health is the best investment for a brighter future. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen access to healthcare staffing in each region, therefore young people are demanded to be able to play a role in strengthening health, especially in remote areas through team-based health personnel placement programs.

Decentralization in the effort to prosper the community at large must include the values ​​stored in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and justice. One of the decentralization policies in the health sector is to increase the autonomy of autonomous regions,

In this case, the central government is obliged to facilitate the implementation of regional development by increasing the ability of the region to develop health systems and health management.

Planned decentralization needs to be followed by good and responsible supervision to be able to bring rapid changes in all developments including the health sector. The role of human resource planning especially health service staff is shifted to the local government so that provinces and districts are encouraged to plan workers Health required based on local needs.

Namely By improving services from health by carrying out a program that includes preventive, promotive, and curative and involves five other types of health workers namely doctors, nurses, midwives and coupled with two other health workers, such as nutrition health workers, and environmental health workers, workers health analysis/media laboratory technology experts, pharmaceutical personnel and public health personnel to be placed in remote areas

As an initial step to prepare health human resources, employee recruitment is a vulnerable point to choose the right human health resources according to hospital needs. Therefore there is a need for monitoring of the recruitment process of human resources to ensure the process runs

without the intervention of other parties so that the quality of human resources produced is quality. Policy in the process of recruitment and selection of human resources can run well if based on the needs of human resources to produce competent human resources and following the needs of the agency.

To get high-quality human resources and following qualification standards, a planned and effective recruitment process is needed. After the recruitment process is carried out effectively, then an employee selection process is conducted to select the best person to determine whether or not someone who will fill certain positions according to the position existing.

This selection is very important because if there is an error in the implementation of employee selection, there will be a moral and material loss. The clinic is one form of service companies that provide health services. The service company itself is a company engaged in the service section and looking for a profit

HR recruitment and placement process can be influenced by several factors such as;

 – coordination factor

 – transparency factor

 – and financial factors

so the results of the recruitment of human resources are not yet the result of proposed organizational needs. The ability possessed by human resources in carrying out the task, of course, influences the completion of the given task. As a result, many jobs have been delayed and the services provided to the community have also been unsatisfactory. The impact of public confidence in the performance of human resources is getting worse and worse.

Human resource management to produce quality health workers must go through a process of recruitment and selection. The recruitment process includes the basis of recruitment, recruitment sources, and implementation methods.

While the selection process includes

 – administrative selection

 – written test

 – interview test

 – practice test

 – and acceptance decisions

Thus, it can produce health human resources following the required qualifications. If you have been able to choose the right recruitment method, the result is the selection of a group of applicants who are considered to best meet various requirements to fill various vacancies within the organization.

Competency-based recruitment provides several advantages, including a high level of accuracy in assessing whether or not someone is placed in a job according to his potential.

Recruitment also aims to get a supply of prospective applicants so that the company has a greater opportunity to choose job candidates who are considered to meet the qualification standards.

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