Healing From Drug Addiction

Drug abuse is rampant among adults and even teenagers, learning about the risk, consequences, and any other information on legacyhealing.

At legacy healing, we take care of different types of patients with their various drug addiction.

There are different programs for various drug addicts based on the substance they are addicted to. Usually, when you go to a rehab facility before starting any treatments you would first be given a detox treatment to flush out the drugs in your body system. Trying to quit a drug-addicted life can be quite challenging, it’s not an easy job because it requires lots of determination and commitment. When starting your journey of quitting your drug addiction you can start by going for a detox treatment program before going into an inpatient or outpatient treatment program after any of these treatment programs it is often advisable to go for aftercare like registering for support groups in order to prevent a relapse.

Rehabs help drug addicts positively, it helps change their life, drug addict behaviors, and help them in controlling and getting rid of the unhealthy habit.

Couples rehab California help drug addicts positively, it helps change their life, drug addict behaviors, and help them in controlling and getting rid of the unhealthy habit

Types of treatment programs

There are different available treatment programs based on the patient’s needs and type of drug abused. We have;

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Therapy

Inpatient treatment:

when it comes to this treatment program, the patient is usually admitted to the rehab facility, people who are given inpatient treatment programs are those with serious drug addiction and mostly when it has gotten worse and already start affecting their mental health. Patients getting inpatient treatment are accessible to 24/7 medical and emotional support, they stay in a conducive environment that also helps aid recovery. They also have the opportunity to mix and connect with people with similar cases like theirs. The inpatient treatment program is known to have recorded a high case of success, most of the patients have been able to come out of their drug addict life.

Outpatient treatment:

this is entirely different from an inpatient treatment program in the essence that the patient won’t be required to stay in the rehab center, he/she would only be given a scheduled period of time to visit the facility daily for treatments, checkups, counseling, therapy and all other necessary things. They also offer the same medical treatments as inpatient treatments. Outpatient treatment is usually for patients that don’t have a very serious case of drug addiction, taking an outpatient treatment requires a lot of dedication and commitment, it lets you go on with your day to day activities, it is now up to you to keep to schedules and try not to miss any appointments.


this is also an effective drug addiction treatment program, therapy involves meeting with rehab medical experts occasionally and seeking medication-assisted treatment. It could be an individual therapy where it involves just the patient and therapist, it could be a group therapy which involves different patients with similar drug addict problems and it could also be a family therapy that involves the patient and a member or members of his family, so they would be educated on necessary information on drug addiction and the role they can play to help in the patient recovery process.

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