Great Ways to Instill Good Oral Health Habits in Children

Introducing good oral hygiene habits to younger children can be challenging, especially at the age when they are still not capable of doing it by themselves. This means that you, as a parent, will take all the hard work of explaining why it is so important to take proper care of teeth and is an example of how the whole process should work. Will you face your children who stubbornly refuse to listen to your advice, or will you simply try all possible ways to avoid teeth cleaning? The answer is – yes. However, there is still a way to encourage and inspire your children to do it, and here is everything you should know when trying to instill good oral health habits in children

Introduce Family Brushing Teeth Time 

The surest way your children will consider you as an example of good dental habits is they see you’re actually taking care of your teeth. For that reason, introducing a family brushing teeth time in your daily routine, and taking care that your children do it right, is one of the best ways to instill those good habits in them. Make sure to explain to them what types of moves they should make, and also, be sure that they will brush their teeth for at least two minutes which is recommended by all dentists and dental associations. Also, try to do it together with them every day of the week, at least two times a day – in the morning and before bed, and always encourage them to brush their teeth even after lunch if there are conditions for it. 

Acquire Specially Designed Dental Products for Kids  

If you want your kids to brush their teeth regularly, it has to be fun. The more playful all the cleaning supplies look, the more your kids will love to brush their teeth. For that reason, make sure to acquire all the fun-looking and soft-bristled toothbrushes, that contain the motives of their favorite cartoon characters. You can even try to find a singing toothbrush since a recent study showed kids brush 73% longer with a singing toothbrush. As the mentioned study suggests, while the average duration of brushing teeth was 63 seconds, using a singing toothbrush prolonged the average time of brushing for 1 minute and 49 seconds. So, just find the toothbrush imitating the voice of your kids’ favorite animal, cartoon character, or song, and you will never again have to remind them to brush their teeth.  

Another essential detail is to find a toothpaste intended for children’s use. This implies that this toothpaste should definitely contain fluoride but be of a special taste, such as a strawberry, bubble gum, or any other sweet flavor. And if it is in some bright pink or purple color, you’ve got a bingo because this will definitely inspire children to love brushing teeth time! 

Always Reward Your Kids When They Regularly Brush Teeth 

Rewarding your children for regular teeth brushing is another great way to encourage them not to skip it. However, make sure that this reward does not contain any candies or sweets because you don’t want to promote bad eating habits that will actually negatively affect your kid’s teeth health. Instead of giving them sweets, take your children to the children’s theatre, cinema, or game room, and don’t forget to mention that the reason why you organized it is that they were very dedicated to keeping good oral hygiene. 

Remember to Visit the Kids Dentist Regularly 

One of the essential parts of instilling good oral habits in your kids is to take them regularly to the dentist, which will free them from any fear of the dentist in the future and will also provide you with security that the health of the kid’s teeth is in perfect condition. Also, make sure to find a specialized kids dentist who will know how to approach the kids and provide them with a great and positive experience.   If you’re currently looking for a dental professional, you can check out this dentist in Kelowna now to get started with your child’s journey to healthier teeth.

Those visits will definitely be a good starting point for showing your children that they should be responsible when it comes to their health, and once they become independent, you can be sure they will act as you advised them. 

Ready to Encourage Your Children to Brush their Teeth Regularly? 

Now you know all the tips and tricks on how to encourage and inspire your children to regularly maintain their teeth, we are sure you’ll be able to introduce it into their daily routine quickly and easily. Just make sure to stay consistent and persistent, and also, ensure that your parents, babysitter, or at the daycare will do the same to incentive your kids to do take teeth to care regularly, and the results will be just perfect. When your children hear from a couple of different sides how teeth hygiene is important, they will be definitely more likely to brush their teeth regularly, and you’ll be sure you did the right thing for their health. 

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