Graphic Insider: 2020 Latest Printing Design Trends You Need to Know

In the run of the business competition, technology played a primary role in the vast success of business promotion around the globe. The printing industry, with the threat of the Internet and Television, needs a steadfast approach to win the hearts and eyes of clients. We all must be guilty that at some point in our lives today, we tend to ignore flyers, billboards, and even that yard sign placed in front of your neighbor’s house. But with the help of technological efflux, print graphics can become more exciting and interesting at par with the digital age.  

Graphics designing as a form of art is still evolving as of the moment. Every trend has a wide spectrum of blasting impact. To stand out among the competitors, marketing specialists must use this high-tech leverage to dress the brand’s name. In fact, design-driven companies surpassed the S&P index by 219 percent for the past ten years.

As they aim to maximize readership and interest, they use graphic designs to express the significance of print advertising context. Let’s discover the latest trends that popularly create a silhouette of 2020 graphic designs for print.

Modern Retro

This design trend gives the new side of the old. It gives a touch of nostalgia. Through retro designs, color palettes and typefaces, the design looks unusual which makes it unique. Retro designs seem vintage, but as the trend continues to grow, color choices shift to the bright side.

With extra modern flash gravitate the new era of graphic designing, retro designs are applicable for t-shirt designs, posters, letterpress, greeting cards, and door hangers. It catches attention and gives a refreshing vibe in 2017.

Minimalist Mode

Although minimalism is not new, the 2017 minimalist take becomes fascinating through the use of unusual accents. This trend values depth with simplicity, balance, and contrast. Despite the limit of color palettes, layout and effects, it is a right approach to communicate the specific elements to the audience.  

Functionality is critical over fancy decorations. That’s what makes it trending and inherently beautiful. Its ultra-minimal typography features and layouts gives a clean and professional appeal. It’s perfect for business cards, plastic cards, and promotional gifts like Silicon Bracelets and PVCs because it gives a direct message for these business cornerstone items.

Modular Layouts

This trend isn’t quite new, but its popularity is unquestionable. A print design or not, a plain looking text doesn’t earn much interest to readers. To avoid the risk of losing readers, graphic designers make schisms on the text and set it into feasible chunks. With this trick, they manage to create interaction of information between people. 

Nowadays, the modular layout is good for magazines, A-frame calendars, car sign magnets, and tarpaulins. 


Creation of duotones is also a significant trend of graphic design in 2017. The avant-garde composition consists of two luminous colors that make it more noticeable. It brings out the middle tones and highlights of the image. The colors combined can also be contrasting with each other to make a different impact. 

Many graphic designers used Duotones for modern takes of T-shirt designs, promotional covers, banners, and signage. 

Negative Space

The negative space refers to the space around the image’s object. It helps define the positive space and bring equilibrium to the style. Crowded designs may be attractive, but somehow people don’t like it. That’s why designers nowadays use this trend to give emphasis and simplicity to the whole composition. 

This design is trending for logo designs, book covers, posters, postcards and sticky notes. The design is very simple, yet it gives a hidden meaning. It makes the viewer evaluate the print art effortlessly. 


Great graphic designs are a form of art used to communicate audiences in the field of advertising. It played a significant role in empowering the context of print advertising. As the world of digital advertising continues to grow, innovation in print also becomes intensifying. So, who says that a yard sign, flyers and printed shirts are not effective advertising tools anymore? With the right concept and design, it can still draw attention and eventually convest potential customers into sales. 

Jeffrey Zeldman said that “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design; it’s decoration.” Keep these leading ideas in mind. Be apt to use it for the best purpose. 

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Sabahat Akhter is the Project Manager for leading printing companies producing promotional advertising products. She has experience in Data Management and Products Quality Assurance. QA and large scale production workflows are her expertise.

Sabahat Akhter,

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