Google Online Ordering vs. Google My Business Profile

Google is an integral part of every day of the people using the internet. According to Statista, Google sites were on top amongst the most popular multi-platform web properties in the United States, with 274.49 million unique visitors. In addition, Google shares a whopping 61.4% share of the leading U.S. search engine providers

Businesses have been using Google to promote their brand visibility through Google My Business. Now Google has released a new feature- Order with Google. How different are the two features from each other? Or will they both complement and contribute to restaurants boosting their sales?

Let us find out. 

What is Google My Business? 

Google Business Profile or Google My Business is a free business listing where business owners can create a profile for their business on Google. They can add details and photos of the business, including location, services, and products.

The Google My business profile for restaurants is a great way to increase their visibility among online customers. The information listed in the Google My Business profile helps them appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. Your Google Business Profile allows consumers to leave reviews, add photos, and ask and answer questions.


What is Google Food Ordering Platform?

Google is now entering the online food ordering industry with Google Online Ordering. With Google online ordering, users can order food directly through Google sites. They can browse restaurants, place food orders, and receive them at their door.

Customers can place orders through their Google account on any device, including smartphones and laptops. The restaurants will receive the notification for order placement. 

The platform integrates with Google Assistant, Google Search and Maps, making order placement easier for customers. Customers can place orders directly through Google and avoid third-party applications.

Not just for customers, but the Google food ordering platform is highly profitable for restaurant owners. They can use Google online ordering to increase their visibility among customers, keep up with the latest restaurant technology, and boost sales. 

Benefits –

Benefits of Google Food Ordering Platform for Customers

  • Higher Visibility on Google.
  • With an online food ordering platform, restaurants can increase the efficiency of their day-to-day operations, like order and staff management. 
  • With automated and efficient operations, restaurants can deliver quick and superior quality services to customers. Thus, restaurant owners can satisfy more customers with convenient food ordering experiences. 
  • When you have a loyal customer base, you will get higher profits. Restaurant owners can use upselling as a means to increase their profits. For instance, they can suggest customers to buy additional items along with their main order. 
  • Order with Google integrates seamlessly with existing restaurant technologies like POS systems. Thus, it helps save time and money in the long run.
  • Restaurant owners can use valuable insights about customers regarding their ordering and taste preferences. The data helps restaurants update and improve their services to make them relevant for their customers in the long run. 
  • Google’s food ordering platform also enables restaurants to run promotional coupons to increase sales and promote repeat business. 

How Does the Google Food Ordering Platform Work? 

When someone searches for a specific food or cuisine online, Google Food ordering platform lists all the restaurants that offer that food type or cuisine. Customers can choose a restaurant and order directly through Google with no third-party app. 

How to Set Up Google Food Order?

Restaurants can now use Google to receive food orders and make deliveries to their customers. Here’s how they can set up Google food ordering for their restaurant:

  1. Create a free Google My Business page for your restaurant. If you already have one, open the page. 
  2. Enter your restaurant’s information on the Google My Business page, like address, phone number, and website.
  3. Go to the “Menu” tab and upload your menu. Add details of the dishes you will serve along with prices. You can also add pictures of your food items.
  4. Customers can browse the menu and place orders directly from your restaurant’s page on Google.
  5. Whenever a customer places an order, you’ll receive an email notification. You can track your orders in the “Orders” tab and prepare them for timely deliveries.

You can partner with a service provider if you need professional help with setting up Google Online Ordering for your business. The service provider will take care of the backend data, menu configurations, and other technical aspects. 

Once all the setup is done, you will see a button with your service options, “ORDER PICKUP” or “ORDER DELIVERY” will appear. Users can choose the desired option and order their meals from your restaurant. 

Google Online Ordering vs. Google My Business Profile 

Many restaurants or food business owners may already have their profiles created on Google My Business. However, taking orders online through Order with Google differs from listing your business on your Google Business profile. 

Restaurants must create a “Google My Business” profile to take orders online. So, we can say listing your business on Google is a part of setting up online ordering through Google.It is in fact the first step to setting up your Google online ordering. 

When people search for your business through Google, your restaurant’s “My Business” profile will appear on the right side of the results page. The profile lists all the important information about your business, like location, hours of operation, website link, and photos. 

With Google Online ordering, restaurants can expand their food business seamlessly in the digital space. There is no need for a third-party delivery app. They can boost their brand visibility, receive and deliver orders, and manage promotions and customer feedback via Google online ordering. 


Google Online Ordering and Google My Business Profile are both valuable tools enabling businesses to increase their brand visibility on Google. Both work together to enable businesses to sell their food online. Google online ordering is only possible with a Google My Business profile. 

So, get started with Google and deliver your delicious restaurant food to millions of food lovers online. 


How can customers track their My Google order?

Customers who placed an order with Google can check their order status with the following steps.

  1. Check your email confirmation for details about your order. You can log into your Google account to view your order history if you didn’t receive an email confirmation or can’t find it.
  2. Go to My Purchases in your Google Account to check the status of your order- in progress or on the way. 
  3. Users can see the status of their current order and also a list of all their past orders.  
  4. Users can also contact Google Food Ordering Help for assistance if they cannot find information about their specific order.

Does Google run a Food Delivery Service?

No, Google does not run a food delivery service. Many third-party food delivery services collaborate with Google to make doorstep food deliveries. Popular food delivery services that partner with Google include DoorDash and GrubHub. 

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