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Follow The Key Elements Of UX Process To Do A Great UX Job

Every UX designer of today should follow a specific process and guideline to ensure that their job is done in the best way possible. User experience or UX, for short, is referred to as the science behind website design. By the word ‘science’ here is referred to the demanding methods that are followed in the UX process. 

There are ideally a few key elements that every UX designer should follow today will enable them to provide the hard data and human insights both to support, analyze, and validate the design decisions.

One of the most significant elements is user behavior. If only you know this, you will be able to design a site based on the customer journey map. This is a visual document that contains:

  • User interactions with the product and company
  • Their feeling about each interaction
  • The story of the end-to-end UX and 
  • How successful these interactions were from the point of view of the users.

To make sure that you follow these key elements, you must know that you can use the UX process as both:

  • Your path from start to finish and 
  • Your toolkit to select the tool you need.

It will also depend on the type of UX jobs, the goals of the specific project, and, most importantly, the given timeline.

Irrespective of the ways in which you apply the UX process, all these critical ingredients will allow you to build a strong foundation to create a better and more successful user experience.

Basics of web designs and visuals

There are several ways in which you can enter into the field of UX design. However, to ensure that you match the quality of work the experts in UX jobs NYC are known for, you will need to know and master the basics of web design and the use of visuals. 

The most significant aspects of UX design principles that you must be familiar with are:

  • Color theory: This is a three-part theory that entails color fundamentals, vocabulary, the psychology of different colors.
  • Grid systems: You must know what these are and how best you can apply this to your design process and layout.
  • Composition and balance: You must know how to balance a composition depending on the design principles and implementing any one of symmetrical, asymmetrical, or compositional balance.
  • Typography: This will make your content more readable and more comfortable to follow and consume. 
  • Contrast: Proper use of contrast will ensure a more organized information and create a better focus on building the desired hierarchy.

This is the best way to start your journey of becoming a UX designer. This is important because all design principles and skills are based on this specific foundation.

Steps to follow 

While the designing process, you must follow these specific steps and use the relevant links along with it as and when required for a more professional UX design.

Assimilate the basics:

This is highly important because creating improbable animation will never make you a professional designer. Therefore, learn the basics like typography, spacing, and alignment, especially if you are a beginner, and even afterward. 

Design process and principles:

You must master this because, most of the time, you will need to work in a design team comprising of the developers and business leaders. Communicating and collaborating with them effectively is very important all through the process phase, the presentation phase, and copywriting.

Join other communities:

You must join other design communities over the globe to get better support. Do not participate as a passive member but contribute to your unique style and support other designers instead of following other designers.


You must inspire others much as you need to get inspired by them. Do not merely gaze at the visuals of other but scrutinize them to find out how exactly they could create such a visual that effectively solves a specific problem. Try to dissect them to find out what makes their visuals so eminent.


Lots are going on in the UX industry. You must be abreast of all these to implement the current trends in your UX design and know about the upcoming ones. Therefore, go through the recent news intercross dots to solve the design riddle.


You must know and use specific tools so that you can convey your concepts to other people. These tools change continually every year, but the design basics remain the same. If you use the right tools, you will visualize your ideas better, find any problem, and come up with an effective solution.

Lastly, look for different free resources that you can download and use. However, do not just download them simply because they are available for free. Make sure that these will contribute to and support your UX design process. 

Be creative in your design process

You must follow the creative UX process if you want to make a distinct impression in this industry. To understand this process, you will need to know the specific phases of it first. Ideally, it is divided into four separate stages. These are:

  • Discover: This is the initial phase of the project where you will need to research, gather ideas, and get inspired.
  • Define: This definition stage is where you will define your idea that you have conceived from the Discover phase and design a clear and creative brief.
  • Develop: In this phase, you will need to create concepts and solutions that are tested, prototyped, and iterated. This is a trial and error process that will help you to improve and refine your design ideas.
  • Delivery: This is the final phase, where the project is finalized, delivered, produced, and launched.

All these stages will enable you to streamline your entire UX workflow to develop an eye-captivating design.

The parting thoughts

UX design refers to the methods and approaches that are tailored to the target market. This means that it should be:

  • Useful
  • Usable
  • Desirable
  • Findable
  • Accessible and 
  • Credible.

At its core, it ensures providing value to the users through meaningful user experience that will result in more conversion. 

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